Gypsies Grill

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354 Morukan (10,15) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 35 Dusk Goblins in Nuzron Caves
  3. Return to Start


  • 487,354 XP

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As you wander through the bustling marketplace you hear the happy tones of plucked string instruments.

A group of Gypsies are gathered round a small fire, you are surprised to see that the spit over the fire is empty. You ask: 'Where is the food for your party?' One of the musicians stops playing his guitar. He turns to you and starts to tell you of his troubles. 'We have traveled far and hard to reach this traditional hunting ground of our ancestors. However, on arrival here we discovered that the Dark Pterons which we came here to hunt are all but gone! I'm sure they are being slain by the Dusk Goblins who dwell in the Nuzron Caves. We are no warriors and are no match for those evil Goblins, perhaps you could eliminate some of the Goblins for us and help to put meat on our spit once again?'

The gypsy musician halts his music for you; 'Have you opened up our hunting grounds for us yet my friend?'

Ah, excellent! Come back and join us whenever you feel hungry, there should be plenty of meat on the spit in no time!' You gain 487,354 XP.