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Welcome to the Young Gods.


1. level up more then 4 times a week.

2. do not go inactive for more then 10 days with out telling someone.

3. donate gold to the guild.

4. hunt at full stamina.

5. when hunting please use full stamina before going offline

6. have fun.

7. do not go offline when someone buffs you with leveling buffs ... it is a big waste of stamina for them or someone else to buff you which they could use for hunting or hunting SE creatures


1. do you have your own gear?

2. do you level more then 4 times a week?

3. will you deposit gold/fsp to the guild?

Guild Ranks

DemiGod : inactive

New God : 0 to 10k contribute xp and donate 5k

God Warrior : 10k to 15k contribute xp and [donate 120k or 1 fallensword point]

higher God : 15k to 100k contribute xp and [donate 200k or 2 fallensword point]

True God : 100k to 400k contribute xp and [donate 300k or 3 fallensword point]

Supreme God : 400k to 800k contribute xp and [donate 400k or 4 fallensword point]

greater god : 800k to 4mil contribute xp and [donate 500k or 5 fallensword point]

donate 10fsp and get your own rank