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Founded: September 1, 2007
Founder: NadiaBT
Leaders: NadiaBT, Cetus54
Allies: DEATH in a PaperBag, Shadows in the Dark, Half Breed Horrors, Night Fall, Eternal Legends, The Trickster Trackers
Enemies: N/A
Embracing: Level 20+, Contact Jediboy
Webpage: WoG Homepage, WoG Forums, FS Profile



A branch shatters the pane of glass as you gaze through it. The immediate thought of danger creeps into the rim of your mind, begging for your attention. The hairs on the back of your neck begin to rise. Summoning up courage, you turn around. We are there. We are waiting. We have come to claim you.......

NadiaBT's Message to ALL Members

Let me start off by saying, that members always come and go from guilds. While some come and go in peace, wherein they simply feel they need to move on, or they are kicked out for some action that was against moral/rules.

While, to be honest, I do hold grudges against those that are kicked, or leave for reason that they lie about, I *do not* hold grudges against those that leave in good favor.

If a player comes into the guild, and no matter how long they stay, and they decide they need to move on, then that's ok. It's very upsetting, yes, and I'll even try to make them stay, but I will step back and let them do what they need to do if asked to. (Yes, I've been known to try and guilt people.. I am guilty of that.. I really hate when people I care about leave).

Pay in mind, that I do care about every person in this guild. Whether you are 0 GXP or 10million GXP, you are important to me. Remember that I am *always* here if you need help, if you have questions, or if you just want to talk/vent. And, don't forget that the guild staff is here for you too. That's what we are here for. It's our pleasure to be here for all of you.

It pains me to see people leave, and I smile when new people come in. This will never change, no matter how big the guild gets, or how many people I have to watch over.

Please, remember that.




If you have issues with the decision(s) that has been made, please address a member of staff PRIVATELY. They will be happy to explain to you why the decision was made. If you need further assistance in the matter, please message the guild founder.


Level 20+ without permission from guild founder. All players must contact Jediboy. Requests to join through the game will be ignored, unless they contact Jediboy directly.


+All chat is to be non-offensive.

+No begging for gold or FSP.

+No spamming.


Each member is expected to contribute 3 levels each week. Exceptions: vacation, illness, etc. Gold deposit is required 3 times a week.


We do not attack allies.

GvG attacks are decided by staff and participation is expected in these attacks.


First offense: You are given a warning by a member of staff.

Second offense: You are stripped of all permissions. For a time limit of no less than 24 hours, and to be decided by staff.

Third Offense: You are kicked from the guild.

Guild Lottery

Ask Cetus54for details.


Guild Founder NadiaBT

Guild Manager Cetus54

Guild Recruiter Jediboy

The Guild Enforcer / Bounty Hunter CondorHero

The Guild Store Manager Tyranid5