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Werewolves. Just a word, and yet, whispered into the darkness, it brings up many nightmares, does it not?

Not so for us.

We are a Pack of Friends and Family. We care, we protect. The good of one is the good of many.

AlphaSig28 started this, not knowing where it would end. Even we, who are still here, do not know where it will end, but we know one thing: defeat is not an option. If one falls, another steps forward, for that is the Way of the Hunt. Wolves Hunt as a Pack. Werewolves Hunt as a Pack of Friends.

Many Guilds claim to treat you as an equal. We don't!!!!!

Hunt with us and prove you can hold your own. Prove you are a Werewolf, and you will be one of us.

Our Allies are Pack. We kill for them as they kill for us. Blood will flow if anyone attacks our Pack.

Excerpt from Guild Bio WSM is a long standing FS Guild. Once within the top 10, we were the original home to many FS legends, some retired, some only a few levels from 500 and greater. Our Guild has ALL of its structures maxed out, and is packed with all LE and SE sets up to L400 and available to all players, for you to keep until you're ready for your next set. Everyone who joins immediately feels welcomed in by a true family, and many of our members are. We are an older, traditional guild, always making adjustments to be the best.

We are looking for mature players (16+) who have proved their commitment to the game by upgrading their character: raising their max stamina, leveling daily, etc. If you can prove to us that you are here for the long haul, then we would seriously consider your application.


Guild Founders Leaders

Please see our Guild page for current rankings and full Guild Roster: Werewolves of the Silver Moon.