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49271_mini.jpg Werewolves of Gaia 49271_mini.jpg
Leader(s): KaryQuebec
Founder: KaryQuebec
Allies: N/A
Website: Werewolves of Gaia



 Even a man who is pure in heart
 And says his prayers by night
 May become a Wolf when the Wolfbane blooms
 And the autumn Moon is full and bright

The Wolf Man (1941)


The Werewolves of Gaia are a group of werewolves dedicated to the protection of Gaia.


We are recruiting! We accept all level 50+ active players!

Free FSP Contests

Werewolves of Gaia is the first and only guild offering Free FSP as reward for winning in-guild contests. Each month, we organize different contests. Members are given specific objectives to achieve in a fixed time period. These objectives involve individual improvement or guild improvement.

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