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Many from TTF come from another game, knowing each other with a personal friendship for over 6 years. We came and started TTF at level 1, preferring that friendship above the help that a larger guild could offer.

That friendship has paid off and lasted, creating a strong, organized and powerful guild of friends. We come from all over the world but English is our primary language. We’re here for each other and not afraid to lose levels to protect our own. We don't randomly attack or bully others but we maintain the integrity of our friends by way of PvP if necessary.

Join us and you won’t need to deposit gold, FSP or pay taxes until level 500. Put all that hard won gold and FSP into your own character. You won’t be required to level. You’ll be with us through this game and into the next, because we’re friends first. We care about our friendships, not our characters.

Turkish Trade Federation
Founded: 2005
Leader(s): click here
Allies: Relentless
NAPs: Sinfully Guilty,No Drama
Enemies: none
Fallen Sword page: click here


General Rules

  1. Treat eachother with respect
  2. Protect your guildmates and they will protect you
  3. While not hunting, you need to be on one of our relics to protect it. If you are noted absent from Relic Duty during a two week period, you will be locked out of equipment and priveledges and if no good excuse given YOU WILL BE KICKED FROM THE GUILD exception: level 250- people and people in xinderoth don't have relic duty.
  4. Don't recall items from online players without their permission.
  5. Don't wear tagged gear without permission from UTABONES as they are needed for hunting and arena. If you are in need of offline gear, contact him and he will tagg offline gear for you to wear.
  6. Epic items may be recalled to increase your max stamina gain or stamina, but only 5 minutes before tick. They may not be recalled from players online (rule 4).
  7. Don't take any relics than ours. The relics we claim are: Chaotic Symbol, Ritualistic Statue and Mushroom Circle.
  8. Gold deposits is not needed. If we are in need of more gold or FSP than one of the leaders will take care of it.
  9. You need to have your own offline gear to protect you from becoming gvg/pvp target. In rare occasions the guild can tagg gear for you.
  10. Most importan rule: have fun!
  11. Crystalline gear may only be used with UB 200+

Titan Rules

  1. Titan rewards will be sold and distributed between the players who contributed to the reward by the titan leader
  2. Five procent of the reward goes to the guild for structure upkeep and titan pool
  3. After a reward has been bought with TP, the TP counter of all players will be set to zero.
  4. When hunting a titan with more players, contact them (preferred in skype titan room) to divide areas if necessary
  5. Let the guild know in guild chat and skype room that you are going to hunt a titan
  6. After a titan has been killed, message the top contributor rank, date and kill counts of all players to the titan leader
  7. The titan leader will keep track of the TKP earned by all players till the reward is sold
  8. A titan tax of 7,5% has to be paid on all titan profits.


Guild Founders Leaders Council

Leader: runs the guild under advice of the council and fellow members and is in charge of player ranking.
Co-leader: helps the guild leader in running the guild.
Recruiter: recruits new members that have the needed requirements to join the guild (level 500+ and 5.000+ max stamina). Also teaches the guild-rules to new members and makes sure they follow them.
Diplomat: conducts diplomacy with other players and guilds, leads guild wars and starts a poll on important war decissions.
Titan leader: leads the titan hunts, keeps track of TKP and secured kills and divides the profit. Also pays the 7,5% Titan tax to the Budget Manager
GvG leader: leads the guild versus guild conflicts, collects the initiation price and divides the profits. The only leader that can recruit members below level 500 for GvG purposes.
Budget manager: keeps a look out on guild income and expenses and manages the guild budget obtained from donation and taxes.
Equipment Manager: keeps track of broken down crystalline gear and needed equipment for hunting, arena and gvg. He passes on the needed equipment to the Budget Manager for purchase.


8.gif Guild Achievements
4.gif 27/Oct/2012
1.gif 02/Nov/2012

Double XP weekend results:

21-23 December 2012

Guild level before: 2215
Guild level after: 2338
Difference: 123

Member Level (start) Level (end) Levels up Gold contributed Skills cast Experience contributed
Total 89.424 92.473 3.049 115.202.378 1.762 19.206.633.619
Average 733 758 25 944.282 14 157.431.423
Average° 761 792 31 1.175.206 17 195.944.431

98 (80%) out of 122 members have hunted
°Average from all the players that have hunted

08-10 June 2012

Guild level before: 1883
Guild level after: 1941
Difference: 58

Member Level (start) Level (end) Levels up Gold contributed Skills cast Experience contributed
Total 61.033 62.057 1.024 38.316.881 1.189 6.370.260.489
Average 710 722 12 445.545 14 74.072.796
Average° 704 722 18 672.226 18 111.679.216

57 (66%) out of 86 members have hunted
°Average from all the players that have hunted


Hunting list setup
List of Item Sets