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About the Dark Brotherhood

The dark brotherhood is a secret society sworn to punish those unworthy of life.

We are a new guild formed on the 22nd april 2008,

We are looking for players level 1 - 100 to help us grow into a fully functional guild.

Rules of the brotherhood

1.You may not steal anything from fellow guild members or from guild store

2. You may not attack any of your guild members

3. Any items borrowed from the gild founder must be returned

4. You must contribute xp at least once a week

5. You must be loyal and kind to all members of the guild.

Faliure to abide by these rules will result in you being exiled from the guild. Any serious actions cased and you will be exiled and you pay for it dearly.

Members of the brotherhood

The list of Brothers are as follows:

Htidraver - Guild founder

Mikeyharry - Listener of the black hand

3567 - Follower of Sithis

Chrisawsum - Follower of Sithis

SuperTaito - Follower of Sithis

Hitum -follower of Sithis

Ckjohnson - Follower of Sithis

1 space left!!! join us while you can