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The Paladin Order
Founded on June 9,2007 by Dartwelder
Current Guild Founder Norio

Guild Recruiting Information
We are Recruiting if you think you have the honor and chilvary it takes to become a Paladin
see below to join
To join you must do all of the following
To apply, Go to our web site[1] and look over the guild guidelines and
fill out an application or Send a PM to xvBabyvx.



From the dawn of time we came, and we are still here when the last light fades away; Brotherhood of Light; The Paladin Order. Our swords are sharp and shield by shield we stand together, when the enemies stand in front of us...

The Paladin Code

A Paladin is sworn to valor;

His heart knows only virtue;

His blade defends the helpless;

His might upholds the weak;

His words speak only the truth;

His wrath undoes the wicked;

His knowledge will defeat the ignorant;

His skills taught to the willing;

His temper be held by patience;

He will give aid to those that seek it;

He will ask for aid when needed.


The paladin order was founded by Dartwelder who in Late October 2009 retired and passed the Guild to Norio

Foreign Affairs

Our Guild Leaders and Guild Diplomat deal with Foreign Affairs, such as Allied Guild Bounties, Non-Aggression Pacts, etc.


We currently have alliances with...

Terms of Alliance

  • Attacking for control of a Relic would be exempt from the Terms and can be taken.
  • Information regarding kicked members and Hoppers must be shared in case of Guild Thieves.
  • Share information on Bounties placed by guild members, and work to delevel opponent.
  • Attacking members of Guild Alliances is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, unless to complete a bounty.
  • Bounty can only be completed with consent of Bountyee.
  • Attack with only 10 Stamina each time.
  • Reward will be split with hunter and Bountyee, exactly in half. When it comes to an odd number of FSP, 50k gold will be used in place of the FSP.
  • The Hunter should supply Bountyee with gold for repairs.