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It was in the dark days that the The Light Force rose to power. It began as men and angels united to rid the land of darkness that so destroyed it. So it was that they dressed themselves in the brightest of mail. Shimmering swords and glittering lances, wings of light and mail of might would rain down upon the foe no matter how big or small like a storm to which came fiercly and ended quickly. Such was the Light Force, such was their duty, to defend with their lives the old ways of chivalry, of truth, justice, friendship and love. Intelligence, maturity, loyalty, activity and dedication is also a must. The Light Force is THE first fully functional democracy in Fallensword. Why be a cog when you could be a king. Why be a wench when you could be a queen. When you could join a guild that believes in equality.


***Alecterum-Guild Founder***

*Drakton-Second Guild Founder*

~terry86-Senator Terry of the Darkness




Light Force Council:





Light Force Legend




~GIRLZROCK-Honorary Angel Lady Girlz

~GodsReject-Light Force Fallen Angel Lucifer

~Elveron-Lady Elveron Light Force Recruiter

~Pheonixout-Sir Pheonix Light Force Recruiter

~MinaKatze-Lady Katz Light Force Confidante

~shinobi13-Official Light Force Guild Set Hunter








Queen of The Light


King of The Light




Light Force Seraphims:



Light Force Divine ArchAngels:




Light Force ArchAngels:


Light Force Angel:




Light Force Guardians:




Light Force Holy Paladin:


Light Force Paladin:



Light Force Holy Knights:


Light Force Knight







Winged Members: