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The Forlorn Hope
Founded: January 2007 ?
Founder: wileysez
Leaders: wileysez
Allies: Coming soon
Enemies: N/A
Embracing: {{{recruits}}}
Webpage: The Forlorn Hope


The Forlorn Hope

Into the breach once more, my friends!

Who are we?

We are The Forlorn Hope. A group of friends (and some randoms) who have banded together from other games into an elite fighting unit. Be it demons, devils, orcs, zombies, mancubus or the HaVoC caused by cheaters, we stand strong and united. We are a fun, easy-going group.


What's with the name?

"Forlorn hope" is a military term that comes from the Dutch verloren hoop, which should be translated as ‘lost troop’ although in Dutch it can also mean ‘lost hope’. In the days of muzzle-loading muskets it was most frequently used to refer to the first wave of soldiers attacking a breach in defenses during a siege. It was likely that most members of the forlorn hope would be killed or injured. The intention was that some would survive long enough to seize a foothold that could be reinforced, or at least that a second wave with better prospects could be sent in while the defenders were reloading or engaged in mopping up the remnants of the first wave.

Is that Wiley the Coyote?


I've heard that your guild mascot is a sheep. Is that true?

Yes. Her name is Sally and we love her dearly.. err, no not like that, get your mind out of the gutter!

Can I join?

Maybe. Get in touch with wileysez. (Note: Bad taste and low-brow humor tolerance are a must).

What specialty is Heavy Cavalry Unit?

Its the unit that gets to die first :P

Can I recruit Arnoldo?

No !!! He doesn't want to leave :P.


Thanks for visiting us!