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Guild Information

The Eternal Forsaken Kings (TEFK) is a top 250 guild for the players who want to be an active part of a team in order to help themselves and the Guild continue to grow.

TEFK looks for players who focus mainly on leveling but we do have some very active Arena warriors and Super Elite Hunters. However, team spirit & loyalty are a must! We offer EVERY structure, 24 maxed (inc. Fury and Endurance), Hunting & Arena sets, over 575 tagged items, high level buffers & weekly leveling contests.


And so it came to pass… The warriors of the Kingdom of Skor mounted their steeds and set out on a journey. Their destination? The peak of Mount Teufeftie. They left the castle in the capable hands of a chosen few, for their journey would be arduous. They said goodbye to their sweethearts, and prepared for the unknown, and knew full well that there was a possibility of never completing their pilgrimage to greatness. An accepting bunch, they planned on swelling their ranks with any who’d want to help achieve their end, and as a result, share in the glory.

There is still time to join them. You can easily spot their regal banner, held high with pride. Their number grows by the day. Be part of something great. Be part of something lasting. Be part of The Eternal Forsaken Kings.

Applications to join

TEFK seeks loyal players who are level 20 and above. Members must be active at least 3-4 days out of the week and contribute to the guild in various ways.

Applications can either be made through the guild forum, or by messaging skor or EricTRed. If messaging, a bit of background information is required -- all blank join requests will be rejected regardless of level.

Please note that TEFK is an English speaking guild and players must be able to speak, read, understand and write in English to join.

More about the Guild


TEFK has all available structures built with 24 maxed out. This provides great bonuses to all our members.

Guild Store

TEFK has a guild store stocked with superb items suitable for all levels within the guild. All items are crafted and many of them are hell forged.


We have players who can provide support and information on most aspects of the game.