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TDS is a family of players loyal to each other and the guild. it is the devotion and protection of this family, and our friends that is the heart of our strength, and that have come together to rebuild this great guild. We strive to live by the laws of FS given to us by the great Cow gods, as well as provide for the needs of our family. We are always looking to adopt individuals into our family who are just as devoted to playing by the rules and protecting the well being of the family.

We have regained family ties with our blood, TheDarkStalkers Second Wave


We take our alliances and NAP's very seriously. They are an extension of our own family. We are currently allied with...TheDarkStalkers Second Wave, The Wicked Players, Werewolves of the Silver Moon, The Shadow Warriors, Forsaken Kings, Sword Master, People of Lordly Calibur