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Terra Est Quaestuosa
Leader(s): mmcbngft, livinloud, BalmainA, Strykes, monetse, imanidiot, Swift12, bandlaw, jackylky, zizzwyly
Founder: Dentenabc
Allies: We have no official alliances
Website: TEQ Website


Welcome to TEQ

TEQ is currently recruiting up to 20 mature players above level 200 with at least 2k max stam who have a desire to be part of a fun, diverse team from all around the world. We will provide you with many tools to be successful such as FF Hunting gear, Guides for one hitting, maxed structures.

TEQ has a wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal to help you be the very best you can. Our Guild Stores contain literally thousands of items for Hunting, Arena and PvP for those interested in trying out different aspects of the game than they may be used to.

TEQ is a family guild and does many things as a family. Potion making days, Merc days for hunting SE’s or Elites and a lot of in house challenges and awards to encourage a bit of healthy competition!

So come on you future legends, come over to TEQ and play along side current legends like AzUK, DaFlunk and Strykes and fulfill your Fallen Sword dream!

We are on our way back to the number one spot and you're coming with us!

Apply only via our forum at:

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