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The TBarbarians
The TBarbarians.jpg
Leader(s): Steve42 and CaesarMax
Founder: Steve42 and CaesarMax
Allies: Ikoko Knights, Gaidin, Heroes of the Sword
Website: The TBarbarians


Guild History

We are currently a "Level 266" guild. We recently gained a new Ally (Heroes of the Sword).

We are currently recruiting ACTIVE players from Level 50 onwards.
Players under Level 50 who want to join, can spend time in our feeder guild Vero Warriors.

Gold Donations

Gold donations are very much needed & appreciated.

FSP Donations

We do not require regular FSP Donations but FSP Donations are greatly appreciated.

You can see how these FSP are being used to upgrade the Guild.


  1. Battle Totem
  2. Health Shrine
  3. Armory
  4. Weaponsmith
  5. Shrine of Pain
  6. Tranquil Retreat
  7. Blade Master
  8. Training Room
  9. Guild Registar

Guild Rules

  • Members don't Charge each other for help. (i. e. buffs)
  • No harassing or annoying behavior
  • No attacking your fellows unless to help clear a bounty
    • If clearing a bounty return stolen gold and split the bounty reward with the player
  • Obey rules of the game (i. e. no multiple accounts, stealing accounts, etc)
    • Anyone caught cheating will be booted from Guild and Reported to the Game Admin
  • Try to always leave at least 1 open Guild Store slot for group attacks
    • If an item is won from a group attack then the item belongs to the member who created the group
    • Try not to leave the item in the store for too long.
  • Join attack groups when space and stamina allow (more of a request than rule)

Ranks and Permissions

  • New Citizen
    • XP 100 - 999
      • Store items in Guild Store

  • Hunstman
    • XP 10000 - 24999
      • Store items in Guild Store

  • Lead Hunstman
    • XP 25,000 - 74,999
      • Store items in Guild Store
      • May take items out of Guild Store


Ikoko Knights, Heroes of the Sword, Gaidin

Page Created and regularly Updated by Guild Founders Steve42 & CaesarMax