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This page is a guild page. It is generally considered unethical to edit guild pages unless you are a member of that guild, or have permission from a member/leader of that guild.

Leader(s): Tophie, stormfury3
Founder: Shad0wfall
Allies: Spiritual Warfare, Enchantment, Secret Alliance
Website: Stardust Forum

Looking for additional information about Stardust? Please visit:

Stardust Forum



“It is never easy to keep reaching for dreams. Strength and courage can sometimes be lonely friends, but those who reach, walk in Stardust.”

The group of friends was having a great day! They had set out into the wilderness for a picnic. The shore of the small lake provided a lovely peaceful vista in the wilderness for which to enjoy the pulse of the land. Dragonflies flitted above the rippling surface of the lake amidst the reflections of the tall trees and sky. If you kept silent and still long enough, you could probably spot deer and antelopes come to the lake for a drink. You would also probably get bitten by a million mosquitoes, get malaria, and spend the next 3 days glued to the toilet seat! But it was part of the peaceful wilderness life.

As the friends sat together with their insect repellents and made plans for the future, they were interrupted suddenly by a violent churning in the waters of the lake as if boiling with agitation. The ground trembled and they could hear rumbling from it as if it were being torn apart. The churning waters turned muddy and steam arose from the surface. Soon a dark foggy mist covered the lake. The group of friends stood back at the edge of the trees and watched as the whirling mist parted to reveal a horror beyond imagination. It was as if the gates of hell had opened and spewed forth its minions into the peaceful realm. The monster opened its mouth/beak/orifice and a loud shriek came forth. It was followed behind by its mate. The group of friends fled running back to their homestead. They knew from that moment that their world had changed. And not for the better.

Weeks later

The battle was not going well. Monsters rose as if from the earth itself in myriad ranks. Their rank foul odor and sharp claws striking at the group of humans opposing them. Inch by inch they were driven back. The battlefield in front was littered with corpses of dead foul smelling carcasses one could hear the soggy squelches and wet squishes as the monsters just climbed over the fallen and continued the onslaught against this human menace who dared to try stemming the growth of their domain. The gory mass was indistinct monster and human parts intermingled in bloody gore. Slowly the humans' resolve were broken and finally they retreated to regroup a safe distance away from the ever expanding monster hive. The battle was lost but the war had just begun.

Hours turned to days, days to weeks, weeks to months and months to years! In the realm now roamed minions of the spawned monsters with all different shapes and horrors. The first sword had fallen - the first of many! Humans now struggled for their lives in a realm much different from what was before. They named it the realm of the fallen sword.

As the initial group of friends journeyed together, they got ever closer and stronger. In their hearts they knew that only if united would they prevail! for in the midst of misery, suffering, death, and dismemberment, the light of the human heart, dignity, perseverance, and compassion would lead the way to victory. And so a new guild was formed with the tenets of friendship, unity, and respect. For if you had true friends, life no matter the circumstances could be endured and the taste of togetherness sweet indeed.

The guildhall was eventually built in a peaceful glade. Structures constructed painstakingly one by one, and slowly people came. Some to visit, some stayed to fight, some chose to flee. The time of reckoning was near and all could feel it. Within its walls, enduring friendships were made, love was found and lost, deaths were mourned, and children grew up fast! This is life! This is Stardust!

Short story by 01ONE

Becoming a Member

Are you...

A mature active player?

Able to use a chat room to socialize?

Willing to make regular gold deposits and level up?

If the answer to ALL of the above questions is yes then we want to hear from you.

What can we offer?

Lively and fun atmosphere and an excellent website full of useful information to help you level.

We also have regular FSP competitions, free buffs and guild tagged gear for your level.

We are always looking for new talent and recognize that the greatest players started from level one.

If you want to be part of something new today then apply by going to the Stardust Forum and filling in an application form.

Stardust Council

Tophie - Founder
stormfury3 - Unknown
hansenmv - Adviser
strider957 - Adviser
anch2 - Adviser
Nikolas83 - Adviser
Doginal - Adviser

Guild Diplomacy

We have one Guild Ambassador who is responsible for all internal and external disputes. If there is a problem with anyone in the guild then you should approach empleh.

If you are outside of Stardust and unable to resolve your problems through the ambassadors then talk to Tophie, stormfury3, strider957, or any member on the council directly providing full details of the issue.

We are currently allied with Spiritual Warfare, Enchantment, and Secret Alliance. Although we are not actively looking for any other alliances we will always consider alliances with guilds that will provide a mutual benefit.

*What we look for in an alliance*

You will be of equal strength to us or stronger

You will be prepared to buff our players when required if our higher level members are not online to do so.

You will be prepared to assist us in any battles the Guild has, either in GvG or PvP.

*What we offer*

We will buff your players on demand should they so require providing there isn't anyone available from your guild to do so.

We will assist you with Guild wars, both GvG and PvP, providing they are for a just cause.

If you wish to form an alliance with us then talk to empleh in the first instance.


Structures are responsible for many boosts in our character such as stamina, stamina gain, stats, enhancements, buffs etc. We finance these structures from the gold deposits from players and also from tax collected from your hunt. We have worked hard to get all of the important structures and expect every player to contribute towards there upkeep.

You may notice that alot of the structures do not appear to benefit you directly however they are always working for you regardless of whether you are on or offline. Some of the structures help you win in PvP, others provide extra damage and attack to help you hunt.


In order for the guild function properly there are several aspects of play that must be followed. Failure to follow these rules is grounds for dismissal from the guild. Every Stardust member is responsible for reading and understanding all of the rules.

If you feel that you are unable or unwilling to abide by this agreement, please notify a guild founder so that you may find a guild better suited to your needs.

Golden Rule

We're a polite guild which means asking for help/buffs politely & respecting all members in Fallen Sword. If you are rude to any player, use foul language (within reason) or are a plain pain you will be subject for removal from the guild.

To keep the guild working well together we have a list of rules and regulations for all members to follow, so have a read of these and know them well. We will warn you if you are in breach of any of them. Failure to co-operate may result in removal from guild, this will be discussed on a case by case basis.

General Guild Rules

1. Have fun, the most important rule of all, this is a game people, enjoy it!

2. We require all guild members to be active and be online at least every second day or so, and not only to log on, but to use their stamina.

3. This guild is based on team work, we are a community and we expect you all to act like one. Take part in group chats, join attack groups, chat on the forums, contribute to the guild.

4. We strive to be a mature guild, so leave you're immaturity at the door, when chatting to other players (guild members or not) remember you a representing your guild, not just yourself. Try to refrain, from coarse or vulgar language as much as possible.

5. We are a guild not a charity. Yes we do have lots of items for use by everyone, and we do like to help each other out, but that doesn't mean you can come in and beg or demand for things, be it items, gold, FSP's or ranks in the guild. You will find that courtesy will get you a long way.

6. If you are caught being a multi account user, you will be removed instantly from the guild, and we will notify HCS.

7. Do not lie, cheat or steal at any time during the game.

Guild Store Rules

The guild store must be used properly. It is there for storage of useful items. So follow these rules and the council will be happy with you.

1. Do not store common items in the store, this includes things you pick up off enemies killed in game, or things bought in the Auction House, guild store space is expensive, common items are not.

2. If you have room in your back pack, take stuff out of the store to increase the space in the guild store, not the other way round, the guild store isn't there to free up your backpack space. If we need something, we can always recall it back off you (and yes we can tell if you're using something or not so that we don't take what you're using.)

3. We provide quite a lot of Legendary sets and other items for guild member use, don't whine if there is nothing at your level currently, we will work on getting you sorted out as soon as possible if you ask nicely, it is more than likely that a higher member has not swapped their items we will be able to find you a suitable set.

4. If you have joined our guild, or are currently in the guild and you have bought or earned a set of items in some other way that would help out other members in the guild, why don't you donate it to the guild. Let a council member know and we can determine whether or not to keep it. It may seem like a loss to you for all your hard earned FSP's to go down the drain if you bought something expensive, but we're helping you out too with new equipment and guild buffs/stats. If needed we can try to reimburse you though. Talk to us about it.

5. If you take something from the store that is untagged we will want to know why and if you can't provide a valid reason expect to face the consequences.


Guilds cost gold and FSP to run, a lot more than you would think really. So any and all donations are welcome

Gold (You donate gold by clicking on the "Manage" link above the current guild bank balance)

1. Donating gold works on the bank deposit system (you start with one before any upgrades) so if possible we would love you to use your bank deposit each day to donate to the guild.

2. If you have used your deposit for the day but you have a lot of gold, send it to a council member, or to someone else about to do a deposit.

3. If you are about to do a deposit, let everyone know in the guild chat so that they can send you more gold to put your percentage up, this will get more gold in the bank.

FSP (You donate FSP's by clicking on the "Upgrades" link in the left hand menu under the Guild heading.)

1. Guilds require a lot of FSP's to grow, so any spare you have are greatly appreciated

2. We have no requirements for FSP donations, but they are the most useful thing you can give us and giving them to your guild will benefit you in the long run.

3. If our guild bank allowance allows it, we might take some gold out to purchase FSP's if we greatly need them.


1. If you attack a player and responds by placing a bounty on your head, that is your fault, we as a guild have no obligation to help you out.

2. If you get randomly attacked for no reason and have no way of getting back at said person, let the guild know and we will see what we can do.


These ranks are for active members.

Rank Permissions
Reaching for the Stars (7 Day Trial) During your first 7 days in Stardust, we will be monitoring your progression to make sure it is up to par with our expectations. If you do not meet our expectations, you will be dismissed. You can view the Guild Advisor to see your progress compared with the rest of the team.
Rising Star After your 7 Day Trial period, you can store items in the guild store, but you cannot take items from the guild store. In addition, you can now purchase a personal rank to be named whatever you like for 10fsp. If you choose not to purchase a personal rank, you will remain in this rank until you have been in the guild 30 Days.
Shooting Star Once you have reached this rank, the cost of purchasing a personal rank is reduced to 5fsp. You can also recall guild tagged gear and take items from the guild store. If you still choose not to purchase a personal rank you will be in this rank until you have been in the guild 90 Days.
Personal Rank After 90 Days, the guild will purchase a personal rank for you. This rank will be named your account name by default until you have decided what you want it to be named. From this point on, you will be given additional permission(s) when the council feels you have earned them.

Special Ranks

These ranks are for temporarily inactive members, retired members, or members who have done something wrong.

Rank Reason
On Intergalactic Holiday We know where you have gone and we do not want to kick you.
Pyxis This rank is for retired members.
Lost in Orbit We do not know where you have gone and we do not want to kick you.
Black Hole You have done something wrong, or you are not as active as we want you to be... Further continuation of this behavior will lead to your dismissal.