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Welcome, I am Great Wolf AbeSapien of the Space Wolves. We hail from the world of Fenris, deep in the Segmentum Obscurus. We are martial warriors of the God Emperor. We are his sword, we fight according to his will, set down by our Lord and Progenitor Russ. As we are his sword he is our shield. Our faith in Him shields us from the depredations of the Great Enemy. We live in the Fang, a fortress above the plains of Fenris. We tend to reside in the great hall of the Fang, where we eat, drink and be merry. Most of the time a Brother will be in the hall telling of his battles and his deeds. Come and join us in our battle against Chaos and the Heretic.

== News ==

We are a friendly guild that is looking to expand by having like minded playes join. If you wish to be promoted from Initiate (non guild member)to Blood Claw (lowest Rank of a Space Wolf)then a request to join needs to be sent to the Guild. A donation of FSP (Fallen Sword Points) may be asked for but not necessary, Gold is always important. Ask a Wolf and he will explain.

== Rules ==

1. Members of the guild need to be active. (Logging in every 1 - 3 days to use up all of your stamina). If are not active enough you will be warned, if remain inactive you will be kicked from the guild.

2. Members of the guild will not attack each other, unless requested to do so. This being done in the training cages and only by agreement. (it is expected of all Brothers Of the Wolf not to hold their fellow Brother on their Enemy List).

3. Members of the guild are encouraged to join in the tales of deeds and battles (discussion) in the Ale Hall (guild chat). We are a Brotherhood, and our Bond is our Strength, but please remember keep it clean or you WILL be exiled.

4. Members of the Guild are encouraged to add Gold as often as possible, as this will aid the High Council in sustaining the Guild and in advancing the Structures. By doing this the Guild and all its Wolves will grow stronger and wiser.

5. F.S.P (Fallen Sword Points) are also of great value to the Guild. Depositing them directly into the Guild will advance the Strength and Abilities of the Guild and all of the Wolves. F.S.P.'s cost money so they will be used wisely and not for the benefit of the one.

== Allies ==

Rules for alliances These are rules which both partners in an alliance must abide by.

  1. No attacking each others guild members. Unless asked to complete a bounty on said member. After bounty is complete send back gold that was stolen not lost.
  2. Sharing info on bounties posted on the board.
  3. Sending info on kicked/banned members and why.
  4. Relic attacking would be exempt from the Alliance and can be taken or attempted to be taken at any time without notifications.
  5. Each ally will list each other in their guild history and/or website upon signing of the Alliance and remain there for the duration of the Alliance.
  6. Absolutely NO recruiting from each others guild.

Dangerously Incapable. A powerful guild to aid our continued fight.

Exact members and ranks may vary, this section needs to updated with new recruits.

== Ranks ==

Founder - Great Wolf - (The Great Wolf is the overall leader of the entire Space Wolves chapter, chosen from the Wolf Lords. The current Great Wolf is AbeSapien who has held the position for the past 600 years.)

Wolf Priest - Elected by the high council (Single Post) (Where other Chapters have Apothecaries and Chaplains, the Space Wolves have their Wolf Priest. This dour warrior combines the attributes of both medic, trained in the arts of healing and lore of genetics, and cult leader, heavy with the accumulated wisdom of ages. The Wolf Priest has no master but the Great Wolf himself, the master of the entire Chapter. He lives within the heart of the Fang, and watchs over the recruitment of fresh warriors as well as the well being of the Space Wolves themselves.)

Iron Priest - Elected by the high council (Single Post) (The Iron Priest looks after the meny technical systems in the Fang, supervising engineering projects, building, spacecraft construction and maintenance and all the myriad of complex technical tasks that are undertaken every single day. The Iron Priest supervises a vast organization which consist of specialist bondsmen, technicians and mechanics, engineers and power workers who keep the Chapter in permanent battleworthy condition. The Iron Priest also creates Servitor workers, half human and half machine creatures which are task adapted and almost mindless. They serve the Iron Priests and sometimes act as bodyguards in battle.)

Rune Priest - Elected by the high council (Single Post) (Where other Chapters have psychic Librarians, the Space Wolves have a Rune Priest. These secrets of the Chapter are passed on from Rune Priest to Rune Priest, each generation teaching the young Skalds the complex and archaic incantations of runic lore. The methods by which the Rune Priest manipulates his powers are based upon the native Fenrisian's own shamanistic tradition.)

Wolf Lord 2,500,000+ XP (Bravest of the brave, mightiest of the mighty, the Wolf Lord is the leader of one of the twelve Great Companies. By the consensus of the wolf Guard he is their chosen leader, the space wolves warrior whose valor and deeds place him above all others. His emblem adorn's the Great Company's banner and is painted on the shoulder pad of every Space Wolves warrior in the Great Company. )

Wolf Guard - 1,000,000 - 2,500,000 XP (The Wolf Guards are the bravest warriors of each Great Company- the chosen battle brothers of the Great Company's Wolf Lord. Each has earned his place by some exceptional feat of arms. It is his heroic deeds which mark the Wolf Guard rather than his age, so there are young warriors as well as sturdy veterans amongst their ranks.)

Long Fang - 500,000 - 1,000,000 XP (The Long Fangs are the third kind of Space Wolves warrior. They form a cadre of veteran warriors, hoary with age, proud and wise. In their youth they hungered for honor as every Space Wolf does but now after countless long wars, their esteem stands as a mountain, commanding awe and respect from those of lesser years.)

Wolf Scout - 250,000 - 500,000 XP (As a Wolf Scout, a warrior has had many chances to prove his worth to the Chapter. Scouts undertake missions behind enemy lines, sabotaging supplies and spreading dismay with the constant raids and ambushes. Stiking hard and fast, these skilled warriors play a dangerous game with their foes, making their move and disappearing before their opponents have time to retaliate.)

Grey Hunter - 35,000 - 250,000 XP (The Grey Hunter packs form the great mass of the Space Wolves warriors. Grey Hunters are strong and resolute fighters, tempered by battle but as hungry for honor as any proud warrior of Fenris. Their name is well chosen, for they are masters of the hunt, stalking their enemy as they might one of the giant Wolves of Fenris.)

Blood Claw - 0 - 35,000 XP (The young, hot-blooded Space Wolves fight in the ferocious Blood Claw packs. They are fierce, often fool-hardy warriors, eager to prove themselves and earn the respect of their elders. They will take almost any risk to win the fleeting glory that only youth and courage can bring.)

Wolfblade - This rank is for those who have breeched the Chapter Scrolls of Law (Rules) and are due to be exiled unless improvement is made. (The Wolfblade are Warriors who protect the leader of the navigator House allied to the Wolves. This bond has existed from before The God Emperor began his eternal vigil in the Golden Throne. Warriors have been sent in exile as Wolfblade before, however they attoned and went on to achieve greatness and glory.) No privilages are given to this rank.

Wulfen - This rank is for those who are planned to be away from the game for holiday or other reason. The Wulfen are the lost Company who still fight the enemies of Man, little is known of these warriors outside of the Priesthood and Great Wolf. Upon a persons return to the Fang they will be ranks as when they left. No privilages are given to this rank.

Venerable Dreadnaught - This rank denotes a former Space Wolf now retired from active service.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader - This temporary rank is given to any Space Wolf leading his brethren in an attack. It caries with it the right to start conflicts as well as recruit members.

Each Brother may judge if he is worthy of advancement by the above table, but be aware that it is experience contributed within the Chapter that counts, any from previous battles prior to becoming a Space Wolf only count for self advancement within the Realm.