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Song of Nephilim
Founded: March 17, 2007
Founder: Tenkai80
Leaders: AlienGirl
Allies: Golems of Zanatose, The Shadow Warriors, The knights of light, Mists of Avalon, Angels of Nephilim, The Thirsty Dragon, The Branded, Anti Guild Hopper, Rosilian Keep, The Forsaken Undead
Enemies: N/A
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Webpage: Song of Nephilim


Guild History

How we started

Tenkai80 formed Song of Nephilim on March 17, 2007 so his friends would have a place to call home. Initially the guild consisted only of a close-knit group of friends from other MMORPGs. Soon this circle of friends grew into a family environment welcoming any player willing to work together as a group to make each other stronger. After several months of leading this growing guild, Tenkai80 decided to step aside and pass leadership to AlienGirl. AlienGirl vowed to continue to have "team spirit" as the guiding principle and continues to help the guild grow by looking for new family members and offering support to all members in the guild.

Now that we have a strong foundation, we are looking forward to building a guild that will continue to climb up the ranks.

What's a Nephilim

The nephilim come from a union between "sons of God" and "daughters of man". In short, nephilim are the offspring of angels and humans. We have attempted to keep with this theme by choosing the names of ancient tribes of Nephilim for our ranks:

  • Gibborim (“Giant Heroes”)
  • Grigori (“The Watchers”)
  • Awwim (“Devastators”)
  • Emim (“Terrors”)
  • Zamzummim (“Achievers”)
  • Nephilim
  • Anakim (“the long-necked ones”)
  • Rephaim (“the dead ones”)

Once a member reaches 10M contributed xp, they will receive a personalized rank. Keeping with the theme, the rank names should be the names of angels (or fallen angels). Why? Nephilim are the offspring of angels and humans. Anyone who has contributed 10M exp helped make or "create" the guild that we have now...they are the mothers and fathers of the guild.

Join Our Family

Being part of our family is something special. We plan to remain relatively small to ensure that no one becomes just a name or a number.

Reasons to join us

  • In this guild we treat everyone the same. It doesn't matter to us if you are a high level with the best sets or a low level just starting out. Everyone's opinion matters.
  • We accept all levels. We're looking for active, loyal members and we know that you can find those at any level.
  • When you are a lower level player, you want help getting to a higher level. We make sure our newest members have excellent gear to grow fast and be a strong character. This does not just apply to lower level members. We have sets from level 4-200+ available for our members to use.
  • We have many structures built to make your gaming experience that much easier. We build and upgrade structures that have been voted on by the entire guild.
  • When you're burning stamina, buffs can make the difference between leveling up or not. We have plenty of guild members who will buff you for only have to ask.
  • We have an active forum board where you can wait for your stamina to regen by playing some of the Community Games, reading up on guild member bios, playing in the arcade, or participating in one of our contests that could earn you 5 FSPs as a prize.

What we will expect from you

  • Money deposits allow us to grow stronger by building new structures or upgrading existing ones. We ask members to make two deposits a week. This can be done by depositing it directly into the guild bank or sending the money to a guild mate to deposit for you.
  • Active players allow a guild to grow. We ask members to level up at least twice a week. We will help you out with buffs and equipment if you need it.
  • We can't be a strong guild without strong members. We ask members to help each other whenever possible. This could be as simple as answering a question in guild chat. Every little bit helps.

Ask us

We're an international guild so chances are that one of us is online most of the time. Feel free to ask any of us about our guild. If you're interested in joining, please visit our forum board (see below). All new members must apply on the forum board.


We have several resources for our guild members and our friends.

FS Guild Page

Visit our Guild Page to see our current list of members or to contact us with any questions or comments.

SoN Forum Board

All new members MUST apply directly on our Forum Board. No one will be accepted without applying there. The forum boards are also a place for guild members to vote on new structures, guild rules, etc. Members will also find contests, arcade games, and a music player on the forum boards to use while waiting for stamina to regenerate.

SoN WebPage

If you've looked at our guild page ingame, visited our forum board, and still have questions about our guild, feel free to visit our Web Page for more information about us.