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'Together We Stand Together We Fight And Together We Win Our Fight'
Made by hover1 and edited by Robareid

Level 41 View Guild
Max Members 9
Min Join Level 5 Send Join Request
Health Shrine 2 33 0.png
Tranquil Retreat 3 80 0.png
Hourly Upkeep: 113 0.png
Guild Founder Robaried (Temp), 1st in command, Does Not Change. 1% Tax
Captain Cobra Hammad124, Snake123 (Temp) 2nd in command, Does Not Change. 1% Tax
Cobra Highest rank (that everybody can get to at the moment) 1% Tax
Snakies Army (SA) Lowest rank (at the moment) 1% Tax
Notibly on Vacation snale123, hammad124 No Tax
Snake123 Find Item, Adept Learner, Quest Finder 105, 105, 60
Hammad124 Find Item, Quest Finder 100, 45
Robareid Find Item, Rage, Adept Learner 100, 20, 30
Mrextremo Find Item 75
Notability to guild
Snake123 Founder (High) Gold deposits,Buffer,Chatty,Guild Founder
Hammad124 Co-Founder (High, lower than the founder) Gold Deposits,Buffer,Helpful,Co-Founder
Robareid TempFounder (Highest) All but FSP deposits,4th to enter guild
Snakeisme (SIM) Right in the middle (Medium-High) Gold Deposits,Buffer,Chatty,Onliner
karena888 Leader of SA (Low-Medium) Gold Deposits
madness89 Legendary Keeper (Medium) FSP Deposits,Chatter,Onliner
Mrextremo Robareid Bro (Low-Medium) Buffer
Rendigo Low Mostly none
Most ranks are taxed so all members can contribute toward the guild's daily operating costs as well as using one of their daily bank deposits.
Hover1 has left the guild due to few people being active.