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This page is a guild page. It is generally considered unethical to edit guild pages unless you are a member of that guild, or have permission from a member/leader of that guild.

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  • max 50 Members. For the Member´s List click here
  • 14 Structures, 9 of them maxed out. For the Structures´s List click here
  • Guild equipment includes: Emissaries, Raggghzas, Plague, Lesser Santork, Ghostly, Deep, Decay, Mancrusha, Flaming Baron, Samaels Void,Cu Sith, Witches, Steep Nojor, Cacus.
  • Attack Group: Creator + 10 Members


Increase number of active members to 50.

Having fun while getting to the top.


Rosilian Keep II generally accepts active players able to understand written English of level 50 upwards.


Ranks are awarded on the basis of guild experience.
If you want to know about your rights at a specific rank, click here.

All in Contributed XP´s ( shown in Guild/Manage screen)

Peasant: 0 - 2.5k The starting rank. You generally have 7 days to progress and prove your worth.
Squire: 2.5k - 10k
Knight: 10k - 50k
Master Knight: 50k - 100k
Kgt. Lieutenant: 100k - 200k
Kgt. Captain: 200k - 350k
Kgt. Major: 350k - 500k
Kgt. General: 500k - 700k
Bronze Paladin: 700k - 900k First rank to recall items from other members
Silver Paladin: 900k - 1.2mil
Golden Paladin: 1.2mil - 2mil
Bronze Templar: 2mil - 3mil
Silver Templar: 3mil - 5mil
Golden Templar: 5mil - 8mil
Champion: 8mil - 15mil
Baronet: 15mil - 25mil
Marquis: 25mil - 40mil
Earl: 40mil - 60mil
Duke: 60mil - 100mil
Prince: 100mil - ?
Viceroy: Personal rank for Xy2set
Council: Pribakot, Schukram, Cahee
Master of Arms: Higarra
Lord Chancellor: Elnestor
Guild Founder: Spiral010
Retired Hero: Guild Storage
On Vacation: What do you think ?
Under Custody: For inactive mates (not logging in or not burning stam without excuse). Just before getting kicked :-(

Custom Ranks: Will be sold at 15 FSP. Name must fit to our system of Knights and Lords and can be changed if you like. Note: Rights are the same as your "normal" xp-based rank would give.

Elnestor´s Bank

If you want to prevent your gold of being robbed by thieves while you are absent or creatures while you hunt, you are able to deposit at Elnestor´s account as often as you like (only in full 1,000 g).
Withdrawals are (of course) only possible, while he is online.
A link to your own bank account will be given to you.
It´s also possible to withdraw in FSP at a fixed exchange rate (1 FSP = 150k gold).

The bank is closed at the moment except for vacation purposes



General Laws

  • Common sense will prevail over all scenarios.

  • Burn your stamina and level up quickly.

  • Don´t waste your time in attacking other players (except needed for a quest). You´ll get more gold in regular hunting and have not to worry about bounties.

  • Keep one guild store slot open at all times. Necessary for the loots of an Attack Group!!!

  • Ask nicely for free guild buffs when you have max stamina (or close to it).

  • Absence from the game: If you know, you will be absent for more than 3 days, send a message to Spiral, Elnestor or one of the Council Members. Please do that in time. You should always wait for a reply.
After 14 days absence without excuse you will get kicked. :-(
Note: Only logging in to reset the Last Activity Clock wouldn´t do it. You have to burn stamina as well. We´ve got the Advisor tool to tell what you´ve really done. Please don´t try that. :-|

  • Vacation: Please state your estimated comeback. You have to free all your backpack slots and store your gold in Elnestor´s bank. That´s because we´ll take away your armor if needed elsewhere.
    If your vacation takes longer than 30 days, you will need a special agreement.

  • There is absolutely no begging allowed for gold or FSP. If you do so, you will be kicked. You are encouraged to ask for buffs. That´s not begging, that´s a guild is for.

  • DON´T create Attack Groups for Normal or Champion creatures. If you can´t beat them, leave them alone. Attack Groups are only for Elites, if necessary for a quest. Otherwise it´s a waste of stamina for the whole group.
    Never disband a group. That´s the ultimate waste of stamina. If the creature, you want to kill, is gone, wait for the next. The group lasts for 24 hours. At least kill some beast, if not otherwise used. Always better than wasted.

  • We are not able to defend a relic (Defend = Stay there physically. Groups won´t defend) . If a undefended or poor defended relic comes in your way, just take it. Otherwise leave it alone.

  • To upkeep and upgrade our structures we need lots of gold. We would appreciate, if you donate to the Guild Bank at least once a week :-)

Equipment Laws

  • Try always to use at least one full Set. You´ll get some benefits, at least "Elite Hunter 100%". That gives you (and the guild) more XP.

  • Legendary Sets should be kept together as a whole!

  • Odd pieces of equipment sets will be recalled if another player requests to use the full set.

  • If you are able to use FSP, add one hellforge to an item in the set before you return it.

  • You should use one level-appropriate guild set.
  • Level appropriate means approximately within 20 levels. Apart from Raggghzas sets, which must be passed on once a Plague set is received.

  • Priority will be given on the basis of XP, deposits and guild activity.

  • Only "Bronze Paladin" upwards are able to recall equipped items from other guild members.

  • If you need an item (or Set) a player "Under Custody" or "Retired Hero" is wearing, ask one of the in the above point named guild mates to recall it.

Buff Advice

  • Always use "Adept Learner" - it will help you to level up more quickly.
  • Get buffs when you are at max stamina. Some of the guild members will give you free buffs, but only when you have high stamina.
  • Ask nicely for buffs. You haven´t to go down on your knees, but some "Please" and "Thank you" isn´t wrong. Your buffer is using his stamina to help you.
  • Ask for buffs in the Guild Chat. It´s much easier to give you a buff :-)
  • A wise man said: Better to hunt without buffs than to waste your stam in not hunting.
  • If you buy buffs from other players, pay your debt immediately. If the Council gets any informations, that one of our members is not trustable, we have to kick him/her :-(


  • If you´re going on vacation, store your gold in Elnestor´s Private Bank. Sometimes we have to take away some of your items for a guildie, and we´re not able to dress you again. Your gold stays undefended. Better to keep it safe and warm :-)

  • Use always the FallenSword Wiki.
It will help you to save stamina and time, plus it prevents you from asking useless questions.

  • If you want to save time in fights, go to Character/Preferences and change the Combat Display Speed to "Instant".
In case another player is at the same location, you are able to kill more creatures :-) The result of the fight is fixed anyway.

  • Hunt only creatures at your level and upwards (except needed for a quest).
So you'll get the most xp out of your stamina.

  • Don't buff yourself (or others) with skills below lvl 100. It´s a waste of stamina :-(
Always look at the Guild/Manage screen, which of your higher leveled guild mates are online and ask for some buffs

  • Don´t spread up your Skill Points. Concentrate on one skill and max it out. Then take the next.
Plan for times no buffer is online. TH, AL, Lib and Mer are essential.

  • Normally it´s the best to share your Level-up Points between Attack / Damage.

  • Use the keyboard for hunting (1 - 8 to kill creatures, 0 back to world, q up-left, w up, e up-right, a left, d right, y(z) down-left, x down, c down-right, r Quick Repair, s use stairway)
Don´t move diagonal, except you´ve finished this level. Maybe you´ll miss creatures.

  • Keep your items in good condition. Repair them after each 10-20 kills. That´ll keep your stat´s as good as possible.

  • Whilst hunting, always walk in a pattern. This will help you cover the entire map. This also helps avoid doing any backtracking and wasting stamina. USE A MAP.

  • The best way to avoid getting bountied when attacking another player to increase your PvP rating or if you are doing it for a quest, return all the gold the player lost with a little, friendly note of explanation.

  • If you need informations to select a good hunting gear, have a look at the page of the guild Backwoods. They are providing a lot of hints as well.

Allies and NAP´s

Allied with:



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Special thanks

  • to the Guild The Culling, as i used their original layout for this site. Rest in peace, friends.
  • to the Wiki Contributer Talsarnau, as he warned me about a terrible mistake in our page and gives me encouragement.
  • to the Wiki Sysop Belgrave, for his real useful hints to edit pages and his incredible efforts on this Wiki.