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'Riders of Beasts and Prey'
Name: Riders of Beasts and Prey
Founded: August 11, 2008
Founder: Nabetsu122
Leaders: Nabetsu122
Administrators: Nabetsu122, ByteBoy
Guild Allies: final fantasy guild
Guild NAPs: Romance of the three kingdoms
Guild FDPs: Legion of The Fallen Gods
Guild Enemies: no enemies required


Under Construction

Pardon the dust. There are some kinks that I have to work out, so please be patient.


These ranks are gained from loyalty and trust.

Guild Rank Loyalty and Contribution Abilities/Responsibilities
Guild Founder The creator and Admin Contribution Control
Wyrm Rider 2nd in command 2nd admin
Frost Dragon Rider 3rd in command 3rd Admin.
Scribe Handles the laws and allowance of members "So what laws shall I foretell master?"
Hydra Rider Similar to the Leviathan Rider, but is both land and sea
Cerberus Rider able to travel between hell and back. Not afraid to die
Leviathan Rider Controller of the seas
Rok Rider Desert Warfare. Also trains troops for dessert travel and wars. "Bring in the Egyptian power"
Chimera Rider Powerful three headed land beast. Three heads are better than one. I think...
Phoenix Rider Controls the volcanic regions. Withstands high heat. They DO NOT rise from the ashes.
Pegasus Rider Spy and Military Advocate Military and Guild Advisor
Griffin Rider Transportation of troops Same as the Pegasus Rider
Horseback Rider Power in Numbers
Animal Tamer Non combat men and women who tames the wild animals. On their way to be a knight
Foot Soldiers Combat ready men and women Starting out
Squires Brand new men and women who need jobs, but are not ready for actual combat Starting out in this Guild

While these ranks are awarded for inactivity an/or banned

Guild Rank Loyalty and Contribution Abilities/Responsibilities
Slain in Battle R I P Banned, but was an active member Never forgotten
Offline Storage Facility Inactive for more than 30 days without warning us "Empty out your Inventory, because you'll be working for the storage room"

Guild Upgrades

Max Ranks 15 / 200
Max Members 22 / 116
Max Structures 7 / 100
Guild Store Slot 10 / 500
Max Mercenaries 0 / 3
Max Members Per Group 0 / 50
Captured Relics 0 / 1
Enable Guild Item Tagging: Yes
Max Conflicts 0 / 19
Max Conflict Participants 5 / 95
Allowable Tax Rate 20 / 25
Enable Guild Advisor: Yes

Alumni and the Men and Women Who Were in the Guild

tammie1989, now Guild Avatarist of CalQuAtA
famine23, became Co-Founder of Legion of The Fallen Gods. He is now happily retired, but fate may just bring him back.
blanket101, now the Guild Leader (not the founder) of Legion of The Fallen Gods. He has since returned to his starting guild.
Yourdick, banned because of his name.
Blade82595, Banned for unknown reasons
Members of the guild, now separated, but everlasting in our hearts. These great men and women have branched off and joined and/or formed new guilds.
They will be greatly missed