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Leader(s): JDRocks


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Allies: The Red Eagles
Website: Restless

Restless has been founded many moons ago and is still going strong. The guild language is English but we have members from all over the world if you need someone to help you. We have all the needed structures and they are all maxed out and provide a healthy bonus to all members. We made it into the top 30 and are now looking to advance further into the top. Our current aims are to fill all roster spots with active and dedicated players.



Restless is open to recruits with minimum level 100, but we can make exceptions for novice players. We are looking for active, mature team-players.

Recruitment works through our website only. Applications may be refused without explanation.


Mobilis in Mobile


The lighthouse at the moonlit sea: Leora Becon.


JDRocks (aka Roxy) ~ Guild founder & quintenr ~ co-founder


Ranks are allocated by JDRocks or quintenr.

  • Founder

JDRocks is guild founder and highest ranking member of the Restless. Our Silver Lady, Neamhain99 is currently resting and will be returning as life allows her too.

  • Leaders

JDRocks & quintenr

  • Custom Ranks

Custom ranks are given to Restless members who contributed at least 10 million experience to the guild and additionally donated 10 Fallen Sword Points (FSP) to the guild for the rank (the cost of a new rank).

  • Restless Dominators

Dominators are elite warriors who contributed at least 20 million experience to the guild.

  • Restless Defender

Defenders are warriors who contributed at least 15 million experience to the guild.

  • Restless Crusader

Crusaders are warriors who contributed at least 10 million experience to the guild.

  • Restless Vanquisher

Vanquishers contributed at least 7 million experience to the guild.

  • Restless Protector

Protectors contributed at least 5 million experience to the guild.

  • Restless Conquering Hero

Conquering Heroes contributed at least 3 million experience to the guild.

  • Restless Hero

Heroes contributed at least 2 million experience to the guild.

  • Restless Conqueror

Conquerors contributed at least 1 million experience to the guild.

  • Restless Warlord

Warlords contributed at least 500.000 experience to the guild.

  • Restless Master

Masters contributed at least 250.000 experience to the guild.

  • Restless Legend

Legends contributed at least 100.000 experience to the guild.

  • Restless Champion

Champions contributed at least 50.000 experience to the guild.

  • Restless Guardian Elite

Elite Guardians contributed at least 25.000 experience to the guild.

  • Restless Guardian

Guardians contributed at least 10.000 experience to the guild.

  • Restless Soldier Elite

Elite Soldiers contributed at least 5.000 experience to the guild.

  • Restless Soldier

Soldiers contributed at least 1.000 experience to the guild

  • Restless Initiate

Initiates are new to the guild and must prove themselves to the guild.

  • Restless on Thin Ice

These people have violated the rules of Restless and are on probation.

  • Restless too Restful

Too Restful members have violated the activity rule or may be in resting.

  • Restless Returning

Those places reserves for members who are caught up in real life and will return as life allows.

  • Restless Yet Retired Heroz

These members have gained merit within the guild and will be remembered even though they have departed from the realm.


Alliances are agreements for mutual benefit during peace and also war times.

Terms of an Alliance

  • No PvP attacks against allied guild members, EVER.
  • Bounties can only be cleared on allied guild members if you ask them first and return ALL gold.
  • Relics are fair game.
  • If they need assistance we will help them in any way we can as will they to help us.
  • No recruiting any of their members into our guild.
  • If two of our allies are in a conflict we will remain neutral, but will offer to mediate if needed.
  • Assistance in tracking/punishing guild thieves and other disreputable players
  • Be nice, considerate and respectful to the members inside each allied guild.

Allied Guilds

  • The Red Eagles

Non Agression Pact (NAP)

  • The Number of the Beast



Members are required to level at least once a week unless prior arrangements are made. These arrangements can be made by sending a pm to JDRocks or quintenr. Messages in chat may be missed!

Guild Store

Items in the guild store are guild property with the exception of group drops which belong to the group leader. If you remove something from the guild store it must be returned whether it is tagged or not. Selling or destroying untagged items can only be done by guild leaders and store managers with any profit going to the guild. One spot must always remain empty for group drops. Do not store common items in the guild store, these items will be destroyed. If you continue to store unwanted items you may find yourself losing your guild store privileges. If you wish to donate an item please check with a leader or manager before putting it in the store. Guild items are on a first come first serve basis and you may only remove items for YOUR IMMEDIATE use (no pulling out a level 150 set when you are still 149 or holding items for a friend). Most of guild items are also for hunting only. If you want pvp sets, arena sets, defense sets, it is your responsibility to get them yourself. We recently introduced hunt only items. These items are just to be worn for hunt and can be recalled, even if worn, when they are needed elsewhere.


Under no circumstances do you attack another guild member or a member of an allied guild. If you are attacked by a member or ally report it to a leader immediately. Do not attack or bounty the player. If you chose to pvp you do so at your own risk. It is not our responsibility to come to your aid if you find your self on the bounty board. Do not bounty the bounty hunters.


Respond promptly to all messages. Ignoring messages from guild leaders is a good way to find yourself on thin ice or kicked. Read chat and the guild forum even if you don’t post. Respect your fellow guild mates. No begging or swearing and the chat room and forum is to be kept appropriate for our younger players


Buffs are free to guild members. All members are to post their available buffs in their bio and buff when they can. When asking for buffs state what buffs you are looking for. Do not ask for buffs you can cast yourself and only ask for buffs if you have a large amount of stamina and plan to burn ALL of it.

Attack Groups

Join all groups that you are able to. Attack groups are used for killing elite and legendary creatures and relic capture. Do not abuse the attack group feature. Do not disband attack groups after members have joined. They last 24 hrs you may still be able to use them, no point in wasting stamina. Check the stats that you need in your group and when it is strong enough raise the level to 500 so people don't waste their stamina providing you with over kill.

Breaking the Rules

Failure to follow the activity rule will cause you to be placed on Restless Too Restful Rank and kicked from the guild

Failure to follow any other rules will cause you to be placed on thin ice. If this happens a first time you will get a fine of 100x the level you're at. If it would happen a second time this will become 250x the level you're at. You must pay the fine to get off Thin Ice. If this should happen a third time you will be kicked.

Donations to Restless

Donations are purely optional but appreciated. We have a guild tax to cover our maintenance for guild structures but donations help contribute to this fund and upgrading the guild as a whole.

Means of Communication

All members are more than welcome to participate in any and all aspect of the forum, Web page or guild chat. So be polite when participate & respecting all members of Fallen Swords. Remember we are here to have fun.

Guild Chat

Chat active members will help enhance you character and give you the advice and help you need when you need it!!

Website and Forum

This is a platform where you can get to know other members and generally have fun. The Forum and Website is also used for important communiques and also a great resource page where you can find guides and useful links.