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Western Army of Rome
Founded: 07.04.09
Founder: kinkyimp



Leaders: Hurjapaa
Guild Allies: Black Savant
Guild NAPs: None
Guild FDPs: None
Guild Enemies: None



RULERS is a bunch of players that has its 4 key members, Hurjapaa, Limedemon, Rexxar45 and 70n1. Hurjapaa will be the guild founder and only one allowed to have all rights. Limedemon is more trusted member than the stone sitting next to me, but he dont have all rights cause its needless. But this trust has been gained from in real life friend ship with all the keymembers. That is why they are most valued in our guild and always special ranked. Members who achieve lot in a way or another will be special ranked aswell.

For us GVG rating it self is more important than the RP we gain to upgrade the guild. This why we demand that all losses are covered by the player who has made mistake. How ever we want to pay little something to members that participate conflicts and so we pay little fee. We pay 2 fsp / won conflict after receiving reward item. We pay 3 fsp / conflict if you are able to complete atleast 3 conflicts / time.

History & Philosophy

RULERS has been founded 07.04.09 and scattered few times after the foundation. How ever now we are here once again and stronger than ever! We have done great deeds so far and yet our guild progress isnt showing it. Well this is due that those accomplishements arent reached in the area of leveling. Its been achieved in the area of punishing those who strike against us. We do punish gold thieves hard, but we are gold thieves aswell. When the amount is right there will be strike!


These rules should be read and understood very carefuly; as there aren't many of them, they all matter.


1. We do require you to chat. We dont require you to do anything else. But if you are active player you sure do something. :)

2. Notify the leaders / chat when ever you will be inactive for over 3 days.

3. Members being in acitve over 10 days will be dissmissed from the guild case by case basis. Some never get kicked.


1. Do not recall items that are out of your level range or items you dont need.

2. Do not recall items from a player that is online and using them. Rather ask him for a permission.

3. Always hunt with a full set for Elite Hunter bonus


1. If you ask for buffs you will have to use your stamina, or else you will be warned. This is due to regular understandment of the players.

Basics of Leveling

Guild buffer



You should always hunt with full stamina, for this way there wont be so much stamina used on casted buffs. Also killing the correct monsters (+0/+1 levels from your level) is important since you wont get as much XP from monsters lower level than you.

One-hitting is the key to succesful levelling. It means that you kill monsters your level with one hit. This will not be something to worry about until lvl 140, where you will need some offencive buffs to handle the monsters.

Where to hunt?

From level: 1-99

From level: 100-199

From level: 200-271

What are the basic buffs I need?

- Doubler

- Adept Learner

- Librarian

- Treasure Hunter

- Merchant

Tips for leveling

Firefox users should download the FallenSword helper script. It will make killing monsters faster and will calculte one-hitting stats. Google chrome has script nowadays aswell.

Another way to fast kill monsters is quickly pressing the numbers, on your keyboard, of the monsters you want to kill.

Recalling gear

To recall gear go to Guild -> Manage -> Guild Store -> Report ->

Simply click on the items to recall, and they will be transferred into the guild store.

Hunting Setups

All setups are One hit setups except those wich are mentioned as two hit setups. The guild is missing almost all the setups but we have something...

5-20 Emissaries

20-50 Plague + lvl 25 Reborn Guardian Axe + lvl 36 Sweeping Deadly Flail

50-60 Golden Cockatrice + Lesser Santork + lvl 59 Khale

60-80 Thonomoths + Khale

80-110 Deep + lvl 90 Rune of Decay

110-120 Full Moon + Decay

120-135 Mancrusha + Deep + Rune of Decay

135-150 Flaming Baron + Mancrusha + Rune of Decay + Lesser Santork Claws

150-160 Cu Sith + Santork Hat

160-175 Samaels Void + Cu Sith + Santork Hat

175-185 Banshee + Cu Sith + Samaels Void Ring

175-200 Banshee + Cu Sith + Samaels Void Ring (Two hit setup)

185-200 Cursed Samurai + Greshas Rune + Amulet of Sidel + lvl 193 Witches Catseye Shield/Cu Sith Lightning Guard + Ferals Gauntlets + Marpolo Armor + Boots of Pelacroz

200-225 Inferno Hammer + Iron Ring of Fenaz + Greshas Rune + Amulet of Sidel + Witches Catseye Shield + Ferals Gauntlets + Marpolo Armor + Boots of Pelacroz + lvl 210 Helmet of Phoal

200-225 Tarbidas + Banshee Helm + Banshee Boots + Iron Ring of Fenaz (+ Lezhal) (Two hit setup)

225+ Tarbids + Hunter + Gloving Diamond of Kozyu (Two hit setup)

235+ Steep Nojor Set + Hunter + Inferno hammer + Glowing Diamond of Kozuy

Guild sets

Name Level Name Level
Emissaries Set x2 5 Plague Set x2 20
Golden Cockatrice Set 50 Deep Set x2 80
Decay Set 90 Shadow Elf Set 90
Full Moon Set 110 Mancrusha Set 120
Flaming Baron Set 135 Cu Sith Set 150
Lehzal 200 Tarbidas Spider Set 200
Hunter Set 225 Steep Nojor 235


All ranks have these Permissions:

- Store Items

- Take Items

- Can Recall Tagged Items

- Can View Advisor

Name Explanation Special Permissions
Guild Founder Founders only All
Special Ranks Special players, who've earned the special rank Recruit, Mass Message
Ruling with a stone club 100-500k contributed XP None
Ruling with a wooden stick 0-100k contributed XP None
First steps towards the light Trial rank for 7 days None
Stumbling in the dark Inactives None