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People of Lordly Calibur

Honor, Valor, Loyalty, Respect, Integrity & Friendship. We live by a code & we believe that holding oneself to a higher standard makes our guild great. PoLC members defend their friends and allies to the end, standing for what is right & just. We support each other, laugh & fight the darkness together.

As one of Fallen Sword's oldest guilds, PoLC has remained consistently active & strong with all structures maxed, a massive selection of guild equipment, guild buffers, avatarists, mentors, and many opportunities to specialize.

Whether you're a leveler, bounty hunter, GvG'er, arena warrior, merchant, titan or SE hunter, all are welcomed. The diversity of our members makes PoLC a versatile & dynamic guild.

PoLC has an active guild chat, Skype chat, and website. Communications is the key and every member has a voice in our guild. PoLC belongs to its members and the members support it, not because it is required, but the members wish to make PoLC the best.

Every member has a voice because PoLC belongs to its members. It's that partnership that makes PoLC the best place to be.

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We​ are recruiting active, mature players from all levels who want to rise above the ordinary, make new friends and to have fun. Whiners, beggars & thieves have no place here. Honorable bounty hunters welcomed.

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So do you accept the challenge? Are you a Person of Lordly Calibur?

If you think you are worthy to be called 'Lordly', please take a look at our website & apply at: