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45699.jpg Peculium Prodigo started small but grew to become top 250 in less then a month Then growing even more. Peculium has Suffered it's share of idiots,guild hoppers,and power seekers. Some members left, but that didnt stop PP from Growing into the top 90th Guild.PP will continue to grow till it becomes one of the best.


Are you lvl 50+? Are you active? Do you want to be treated like Family? Do you hate your current Guild? If you answered yes to any of the above Peculium Prodigo is the place for you! Message Solardrake, Phaze26, or Kowkiller4 for your interview today!


  • NO begging
  • NO PVP within guild
  • NO Recalling Equipped Items
  • NO guild hoppers
  • NO blank join requests
  • NO Money will be withdrawn from Guild


Peculium Prodigo

  • Ranks-----till next rank
  • Tiro-------------------(0)
  • Miles-----------------(10k)
  • Legionarius-------(20k)
  • Decurio------------(40k)
  • Tesserarius-------(80k)
  • Optio---------------(150k) members ranked Optio and above can take items from the guild store)
  • Centuriatus-------(300k)
  • Pilus Prior--------(600k)
  • Primus Pilus------(1M)Can now recall tagged items
  • Tribunus Alae-----(2M)
  • Tribunus Cohortis-(5M)
  • Tribunus Equitatus(10M)
  • Tribunus Classis--(20M)