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Nexus Stalkers
Founded: <Please add this information if you know!>
Founder: Meyaden
Leaders: quorthon13
Guild Allies: <Missing info.>
Guild NAPs: <Missing info.>
Guild FDPs: <Missing info.>
Guild Enemies: <Missing info.>



Growing guild with lots of rooms and advancement for active members. We are a fairly young guild, but we are persistant and stuborn. We will grow and we will become great. Many structures built including Endurance Shrine level 3 (max stamina gain).

We have a guild web site, guild chat site and enough sets/items to keep you equipped from level 1 to 400, including many epic, super elite and legendary items.

Active members of any levels are welcome. Friendly hunting guild with some Guild versus Guild (GvG). No required donations. Lots of free buffs from high level guildies (including Summon Shield Imp (SSI) and Counter Attack (CA) for level 180+ people).

Guild web site has more information.