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Welcome to the WikiPage of Narcissistic Rage!

Narcissistic Rage
Guild Founder: BlauAuster


Notes about contents

While we do our best, info at the Wiki might be slightly outdated from time to time.
If you're here because you're interested in our Guild, you should just send a message to one of our members for any info you might want.
We won't bite - much.

About Narcissistic Rage

Created May 20th 2011, Narcissistic Rage was created by BlauAuster.
With lots of sacrifices he invested heavily into the Guild, to create a place that everyone would love.
In a game where it is incredibly hard to run a guild to succes, Narcissistic Rage slowly built its way upwards, and is now a well established Guild with lots of buildings, gear and most importantly good members.
While the Guild still can be considered small, we are very active, which includes a lot of levels gained, competitions held and some very random chatter from time to time!

Guild Info


You might want to know what happens inside the Guild, since it's not only mindless leveling.
Here's some examples of what you can expect to see in Narcissistic Rage:

- Smalltalk
- Quizzes with small rewards
- Bigger scale leveling contests
- Occasional RP packs
- Resource farming with free resources for the guild
- Teamwork


Our tagged gear is free for everyone to use, and we give everyone the right to recall items. (Although equipped gear of course is to be left alone)
For now our gear is mostly ranged from level 1-200, but with that said we do have a lot of gear.
Gear worth mentioning:
2x Reborn Elemental Air Javelin
2x Inferno Hammer
1x Reborn Elemental Earth Hammer

About Buildings...

While it's awesome to be a small guild, it can also be costy.
This means we don't have all structures, and not all are maxed
On the other hand, it doesn't bother us at all. We have all the important ones, and the rest are just expensive luxuries.
We find we can use this gold better on other aspects of the Guild! :)

About inactivity

Players have this nasty habit of going inactive without telling anyone.
While we probably won't kick anyone for being inactive the first few weeks, we do expect members to throw a message if they are going away for more than one week.
Not doing so can result in an unintended boot, and we wouldn't like that to happen. - Throw a message and you won't get booted, even if you're going away for a month.


Now i would love to show you all of our members, but truth is that even we experience Guild Hoppers, when opening our doors for new members.
Therefore the following list with Guild Members only contain members who have reached a Bronze Loyalty Medal and have a non-generic rank
This doesn't mean we don't have other members worth mentioning though! ;)

Last Updated: September 24th, 2011

Guild Founder Guild.. Advisor? Helper? Something? Member Inactive

Rank: Guild Founder
Speciality: Leveling
Rank: Raging Stalker
Speciality: Leveling, Resource Farming
Rank: Raging Soul
Speciality: Leveling
Rank: The Boogey Man
Speciality: Leveling
Rank: Raging Scorpion
Speciality: PvP, GvG