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Majestic Kingdom
Founded: April 2008
Founder: User:Sneaky1, Omarbunny
Co-Founders: User:KRYPT0N, Renegade93
Council: Bonnie4U, Archneo
Allies: Mists of Avalon,The Branded,Demons Rest,The Tormented,Celestial Dragons,Global Cortex,Turins Companions,Warriors In The Darkness,The Pagan Knights,The Squirrel Army,Land of Myth,Zero Tolerance
Enemies: None at this time
Fallensword Page: Majestic Kingdom
Recuiting: Always
This page is a guild page. It is generally considered unethical to edit guild pages unless you are a member of that guild, or have permission from a member/leader of that guild.


~~ A NO BS GUILD SINCE 15 JULY 2009 ~~

We believe in the TEAMWORK CONCEPT... Ask not what your guild can do for you - but What can you do for your guild.... Therefore read OUR GUILD BIO CAREFULLY.

What we offer:

  • Free Buffs
  • Over 600 items for use - including EPIC/SE/LE items
  • Leveling contests
  • Ability to obtain you own EPIC items
  • 25% tax rate shared by ALL
  • Guild level advancement of about 1 level per day
  • 22 Structures vital structures and about 16 maxed
  • 3 Merc
  • 2 Relics
  • 16 member groups

What we expect

  • Respect towards your guild mates
  • Level regularly
  • Donate when you can
  • No Drama

Joining requirements(minimums) ​

  • Level 50+ (currently)
  • 10BP
  • 25​00 max stam
  • 70+ max stam gain/hr
  • Your own OFFLINE set
  • Must list your buffs in your Bio
  • Buffs must be free for guild mates
      • Join now, as once 75% of guild population reaches lvl100+ the joining lvl will change and lower level gear sold off to allow more room for more mid-lvl gear.***


  • We do not pay for GvG (its a concept calledTEAMWORK)
  • We normally do not initiate
  • If attacked - we will fight back, to make YOU draw or Us a Defensive WIN


  • You keep track of your TKP
  • You earn enough TKP - you GET THAT EPIC ITEM


  • in addition to the buffs from guild mates -
      • GuNrUlEr and shh279*** are our guild buffers