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Out of the depths they came, seeking vengence on all that commit evil. None dare stand in their way, for all that have opposed them have fallen under the sheer power of the Maelstrom.

We are a good guild that likes to help each other out. We are currently full but if you want to join message JyRoc or Almorand and we will see what we can do. We are looking for anybody that is active in the game. You must contribute to the guild through xp, gold and if possible FSP's.

Level: 70

Guild XP: 3,399,297

GvG Rating: 992

GvG Ratio: 3 / 5 (38%)

Initiated Conflicts: 0

Guild RP: 3

Bank: 4,553,387


Type Level

Battle Totem 8

Health Shrine 6

Armory 4

Endurance Shrine 2

Thieves Guild 2

Weaponsmith 3

Shrine of Pain 4

Tranquil Retreat 6

Guild Registrar 1

Blade Master 4

Blacksmith 5

Military Advisor 1