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Name: MIF A.K.A Mystical Infantry of Fall

Guild Founder: Lilarcor

Original Founder: Tarnish

Link: MIF


If ever you pass through the Forest of Fall, do not be afraid to encounter its dwellers.
A fair man will always find shelter in the Mystical Infantry of Fall.

Fully upgraded structures: 28/28
400+ guild tagged items
Guild forum
Top 70 Ranked
Allies: Call of Cthulhu
NAP: Noxious
​ Accepting active recruits of any level with full gear.
Must read our guild rules on the guild website first.
Message Dakkon26 or Lilarcor about joining.


Current Level: 597

Number of members / Members Allowed: (73/80)

Relics: Ruined Temple


Battle Totem 20
Health Shrine 20
Armory 20
Endurance Shrine 3
Thieves Guild 2
Weaponsmith 20
Temple 5
Shrine of Pain 5
Tranquil Retreat 12
Destructive Shrine 6
Pentagram 6
Protection Shrine 7
Blade Master 6
Bandit Camp 5
Awareness Training 5
Training Room 10
Crippling Shrine 20
Blacksmith 5
Sustain Shrine 5
Tavern 1
Crafters Workshop 5
Military Advisor 1
Fury Shrine 5
Guild Registrar 3
Preemptive Temple 15
Combat Pit 25
Inventors Laboratory 10
Scout Tower 1