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Knights of the Oblong Table
Oblong Knights Avy.jpg
Founded: 25 February 2008
Founder(s): seminole, abaddone, Alandriall
Leader(s): badcall, tharzill, Kyperia
Allies: Knights of Avalon, The Black Templars, The Shadow Warriors, Forgotten Angels, Thunder Buffalo Clan
Enemies: none currently
Fallensword Page:
Recuiting: By invite of founder or leader only
This page is a guild page. It is generally considered unethical to edit guild pages unless you are a member of that guild, or have permission from a member/leader of that guild.



A top 50 guild, we were established on 25 February 2008 and are rising fast. Friendly and helpful with active chat and free buffs to members; we are NOT currently recruiting and our membership is by invite only.

We have all of the guild structures maxed and our guild armoury includes many legendary and super elite sets plus other quality fully-forged items for our members to use. We offer a free trial period to those we invite to join us, and we don't charge you FSP to become accepted.

Want to know more? Check out our guild website [1]

Code of Conduct

       Be a team player. A strong guild is one where everyone helps each other.

If you are online and will be playing for a while (and have more then 300 stam) then ask in the chat room for buffs. These will help you accumulate xp, items and gold quicker – all of which will benefit you and the guild.

We ask that members tithe 25% of their gold earnt to the guild. This may sound high but it costs a lot to maintain the guild structures. It is these structures and the buffs you will get that will help you to accumulate gold much quicker so overall you won’t lose out. To help make this easier for you we have guild tax active. This means that 25% of your gold (0% for those on trial and 10% for our squires) is automatically paid into the guild bank. This also means that you are less likely to be a PvP target (as less gold in your pockets) and that you can use your deposits to build up your own bank rather than having to use them on the guild.

If you want to give more gold to support the guild then that is always welcome! If you have limited bank deposits you can send your gold to one of the senior members to deposit for you.

No-one (even if your permissions allow it) can withdraw money from the guild bank. Gold paid into the guild belongs to the guild.

The guild store is for storing items that you want to make available for others to use / borrow, so if you want an item back you need to keep an eye on the guild log so you know who has it. Items placed into the store should not be of a value less than 50,000 gold or 1 FSP, or they should be part of a set that the guild is currently looking for. If you are not sure if your item qualifies then ask one of the senior players. Please don't use the store as an extension of your backpack - if you are short of space and have something you don't want to drop then ask for help from another guild member.

1 slot in the guild store must always be kept free as this is where any drops from a group attack appear. If you place an item into the last slot you will be asked to remove it, or if you are not around then someone else will and you may well lose it.

Any items borrowed from the guild store must be returned to it. You must never drop and destroy or sell anything from the guild store at the auction house. This will be considered to be theft.

Items left in the guild store and unused for more than 4 days will be removed and sold in the auction house with the gold going to the guild.

The guild owns a lot of good items and legendary sets which our members can use for free. Check the guild store report to see if there is anything that would be of use to you. Items in black text are available, those in blue text are in use and must not be recalled. We have 9 runes of decay, but because these are so popular and last for so long, we ask that these be returned to the store after use so others can benefit from them.

If you are lucky enough to be using one of the guild's premier sets (e.g. santork/reindeer, cockatrice, marpolo, etc...) then we ask that you be very active, ideally playing every day, although obviously we understand that you might need to miss the odd one here and there. If you have one of these sets and wont be playing for more than a couple of days please let one of the guild leaders know so it can be lent to someone else while you are away. If you don't play for more than 3 or 4 days and still have it equipped, you may come back to find yourself naked!

Some of our guild sets go well together (e.g. deep and mancrusha) and in general we don't have a problem with members wearing a large number of guild items. However, we only have a few sets like cockatrice and santork/reindeer and ideally we would want as many members as possible to benefit from them. So if you have 2 premier sets, and another member levels into the range for one of them we may ask you to give up a set. Along the same lines, if possible please don't "split" sets and just use one or two items if someone else would benefit from using the full set.

If you are going to be away on holiday or unable to play for a while then let one of the senior members know so that you don’t get kicked during your absence. Please do this by PM, and expect to be asked about it...a mass message or something posted on chat may well be missed. The longer you have been in the guild, the more time you will have before your membership is at risk.

Guild members who go inactive for more than 5 days without having let a guild leader know, or who do not train well for more than 5 days, or who train sporadically, will be allocated the rank of Fallen Knight so we can better track their progress / activity. Unfortunately if you are a Fallen Knight you should consider your membership of the guild to be at risk, and any guild tagged items you are using may be recalled if another, more active player wants to use them. So it is really important that you let one of us know if you are going to be away. (NB: The more senior you are in the guild, the more likely we are to extend the 5+ days)

The Knights of the Oblong Table are not an aggressive guild, although we will respond strongly to any threats of aggression. You must never, ever, threaten to instigate or start a guild vs guild conflict without authorization from one of the Founders.

It almost goes without saying that you should never ever PVP against another guild member; but you should also never bid against them in the auction house or act in a manner that would disadvantage them in any way. We are a team and a good team works together and supports each other

We are a friendly guild who help our members, so it is OK to ask for help and advice via the guild chat, but make sure you don’t cross the line and start begging and pestering other guild members. If you work hard you will gain gold and xp and also the respect and help of the guild – but nothing comes for free.

To make sure we get the best use of stamina for the guild groups should really only be used for attempts on relics and elite creatures. If you come across a champion creature then try and have a go yourself, you may be suprised! And if you can't kill it then only form a group if you are trying to get equipment it drops and please post on chat what you are looking to kill with the group.

You must not PvP against anyone in an allied guild. We have other alliance rules too - these are listed on our Alliances page.

If you initiate PvP or collect a bounty then you are responsible for dealing with the outcome (so don’t pick a fight you can’t handle).

If you place a bounty on anyone then announce it in guild chat so that any member so minded can collect it.

Don’t make yourself a target for PvP by carrying high amounts of gold on you.

Any personnel vendettas and retribution will not be backed by the guild, especially if you started it. However, if you are experiencing real PvP problems (e.g. multiple hits, aggressive messages) then report it to one of the senior members.

The Knights of the Oblong Table have a reputation for honour and integrity and we will protect this. Watch your language in the chat room and respect other players, especially when messaging them.



  • Guild Founders: The Guild Leaders.
  • Grand Master: No xp requirement, a Grand Master is part of the leadership of the guild and the rank is allocated to a player whose actions are deemed worthy of the position.
  • Guardian of the Keep: 120m+ contributed xp
  • Defender of the Realm: 70m - 120m contributed xp
  • The Mystic Warrior: 35m - 70m contributed xp
  • The Supreme Paladin: 12m - 35m contributed xp
  • Premier Knight of the Realm: 8m - 12m contributed xp
  • High Knight of the Grail: 4m - 8m contributed xp
  • High Knight of the Covenant: 2m - 4m contributed xp
  • Knight Champion: 1m - 2m contributed xp
  • Knight Commander: 750k - 1m contributed xp
  • Knight Captain: 500k - 750k contributed xp
  • Knight Elite: 300k - 500k contributed xp
  • Crusader: 150k - 300k contributed xp
  • Knight: 50k - 150k contributed xp
  • Sergeant at Arms: 10k - 50k contributed xp.
  • Squire: 1k - 10k contributed xp.
  • Peasant: Players joining KOT are allocated the rank of Peasant until they prove their loyalty to the guild by contributing 1000 xp.
  • Fallen Knight: Guild members who go inactive for more than 5 days without having let a guild leader know, or who do not train well for more than 5 days, or who train sporadically, will be allocated the rank of Fallen Knight so we can better track their progress / activity.


  • Remove items from Guild Store: Squire & above
  • View Guild Advisor: Squire & above
  • Place items into Guild Store: Sergeant at Arms & above
  • Send Mass Messages: Sergeant at Arms & above
  • Recall items into Guild Store: Knight Captain & above
  • Change Member Ranks: Knight Commander & above (nb. you can only change ranks of those members who are a lower rank than you)
  • Hire & Fire Mercs: Premier Knight of the Realm & above
  • Tag Items for Guild Store: Grand Master & above
  • Untag Items from Guild Store: Founders only
  • Build Structures: Founders only
  • Initiate GvG Conflicts: Founders only
  • Use Guild RP: Founders only
  • Withdraw from Bank: Founders only



  1. The members of our guild CANNOT attack any members of an allied guild. If they are on the Bounty Board then you must seek and gain their permission before you attempt the bounty.
  2. Relics controlled by allies are fair game, unless we have a specific agreement with them to the contrary.
  3. Neither guild may actively recruit members from the other.
  4. Fallen Sword Characters that have been expelled / kicked for begging, thieving, hacking or other negative behaviour from an allied guild will not be accepted into our guild. Any players kicked by us for negative behaviour will have their details sent on to our allies.
  5. Be nice, considerate, and respectful to the members inside each allied guild.
  6. Assist in any problems occurring against other guilds / FS players when asked to do so by our founders / guild leaders.


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