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Founded: 2006
Founder: megan750, Delv, m1sk4, Paladinus
Leaders: Sakuliver
Guild Allies: WG Stampers, Dwarven Hall Alliance, Demon Legion, International FallenSword Alliance, Legion of Steele, The Shadow Warriors, Woodland Faeries Of Avalon, Mythical Outllawz, Red Eagles, Imaginary Friends, The Lost Knights, Crimson death, Sword of the wolf , Knights of The Oblong Table, The Dragonmancers, Midnight Warriors
Guild NAPs:
Guild FDPs:
Guild Enemies:

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Guild Website

For more detailed information please visit our website and forum:

About KOA

We are the Knights of Avalon. We fight for honour, glory and peace and are renowned throughout the realm for our nobility, valour and integrity. Our number includes warriors from countries around the world; including the Czech Republic, Sweden, the United States, Canada, Poland and the United Kingdom. We work as a team and will look to welcome any committed player of level 20 or above who wishes to join our ranks (space allowing).

We are a top 150 guild with strong ambition to rise further. We have many guild structures and benefits, including a large guild armoury with many legendary sets. For those looking to join the guild we offer a free trial period, but please don’t consider us if you are just looking for upgrades. We are seeking active team players who will abide by our code and contribute to the guild.

How to join

If you would like to join our Guild, and are a level 20+ player and agree with our [rules and philosophy], send a PM to Sakuliver.

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