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Heroes of the Sword
Leader(s): WereDevil, nightsingr
Founder: Spiridonij
Allies: Stranded in Paradise
Website: Heroes Of the Sword


Guild News

We are Recruiting New Heroes. We accept any play style from potion makers to farmers to GvG and PvP. If not leveling actively the occasional donation to the Guild once a week is requested (not required).

Our officers are:

Guild Backstory

Long ago, after William Wallace helped lead the resistance against evil, the "Wallace Sword", was stolen. Evil was released upon this world, Weredevil took it upon himself to start a guild dedicated to slaying the evil and returning the sword to its rightful spot to restore order.

In the heat of battle, Weredevil had sustained major wounds. In his time of rest, he passed the guild to Bandlaw and Chibibucky, who have taken up the mission to restore order to this world with the help of the other Heroes.

When Weredevil recovered, the Mighty Bandlaw moved on to fulfill his destiny by founding another Guild (Stranded in Paradise) to help carry the fight! Chibibucky moved on to help lead in another more powerful Guild (Relentless).

Who will be next to pick up the sword?

Only the brave and courageous need to apply - any levels welcome. Read our rules and apply to join today!

Guild History

Heroes of the Sword was founded April 13, 2007. After being quite active and reaching the top 250 in gold and XP the Founders WereDevil and Nightsingr had to temporarily quit the game to deal with a family emergency (Nightsingr's Father had pancreatic cancer and passed away end of 2007). We were gone for about 6 months. Came back around the 1st of February, cleared out all the inactive members (and thus became XP locked at level 57) and started Recruiting new members.

Around August of 2008, WereDevil and Nightsingr stepped into partial retirement, handing the guild over to Bandlaw and co-founder chibibucky, who have led the guild from 25 to 64 members, increased structures and increased membership participation. Our guild will forever be indebted to Weredevil and Nighsingr, as well as Lucoza for their contributions in bringing our guild up.

April 2009 WereDevil and Nightsingr Returned, allowing Bandlaw and others to move on to other areas as they desired. We have returned to the Top Guild lists both top 250 and Richest due primarily to the Efforts of Bandlaw as Founder.

We are now working to Recruit new Members to return us to our place on the top 250 lists.

Guild Tax

Tax is currently set at 25% For all ranks

This is the only gold contribution we require.

FSP Donations

We do not require Regular FSP Donations

Donations are Greatly appreciated (send to a founder please do not deposit to guild)

Guild Rules

  1. Play nice and fair at all times (Be respectful, etc.)
  2. All HCS rules apply (multiple accounts, automation, etc)
  3. All members must Contribute to the Guild weekly by hunting or donations to remain in good standing. (Only 'logging in' is not enough)
  4. Any member who is going to be inactive for more than 7 days must inform the Guild leaders via in game Guild Chat
  5. Any and all problems should not be discussed in public/guild chat. Please go straight to an officer to avoid drama :-)
  6. Do NOT, under any circumstances, fill the last guild store slot.
  7. Guild tax is set at 25% for ALL levels (pays for guild structures)
  8. All guild items are subject to recall to be used while the person wearing them is offline.
  9. Guild Buffs
    1. Guild members should not charge each other for buffs
    2. Guild members should not DEMAND buffs, but should use good manners, etc.
    3. In order to get free guild buffs, you should have most if not max stamina, in order to get the most out of your guildmates stamina.
    4. If you can afford it, you are encouraged to get buffs outside of the guild, which will allow your guild members to save their stamina for levelling.

Guild Punishments

Violation of any guild rule, is subject to punishment at the discretion of the guild officers, up to and including removal from the guild.

Guild punishments may be appealed to the guild founders as a whole - their joint decision shall be final.


There are a couple ways to get promotions in our Guild.

  1. Gain enough contributed XP to reach the next rank
  2. Also you can buy own rank name for 10 FSP
  3. Or get it free when contribute over 1% Guild XP ;)
  4. Impress the Guildfounders (primarily Spiridonij) with your contributions to the Guild.
    1. Contributions are many things
      1. advice to founders and other members
      2. joining attack groups
      3. gold and FSP donations
      4. and being generally helpful as well as many other things...

Ranks and Permissions

Description of Swords used for rank names: Magical Weapons

Guild Founders: Spiridonij

Guild Officers (may change their rank name to whatever they want, so long as it is descriptive of their position)

Sword Collector, Guild Arena Master and Store Manager: nope

  • Handles gear setups and helps manage the guild store
  • Un-tag items.

Sword Master: yuki21

  • GvG activity
  • Can Use Guild RP

Council of Sages: nope

  • General help with Guild management, Senior Council.

Guild Members

Tonbogiri: 500,000M - 1,000,000M XP

  • + Use Titan Kill Points

One of three legendary Japanese spears created by the famed swordsmith Masazane Fujiwara.

Clarent: 100,000M - 500,000M XP

  • + Build/Upgrade/Demolish Structures

A ceremonial sword of King Arthur stolen and used by Mordred.

Gungnir: 20,000M - 100,000M XP

  • + Buy Upgrades

Odin's magic spear created by the dwarf Dvalinn.

Thunderbolt: 7,000M - 20,000M XP

  • + Add/Edit Ranks

Weapon of Zeus.

Mjolnir: 2,000M - 7,000M XP

  • + Build/Upgrade Structures

The magic hammer of Thor. It was invulnerable and when thrown it would return to the user's hand (Norse mythology)

Fidelacchius: 500M - 2,000M XP

  • + Can Update Guild Preferences

One of the swords wielded by the Knights of the Cross.

Excalibur: 200M - 500M XP

  • + Edit History

The legendary magical sword of King Arthur.

Arondight: 70M - 200M XP

  • + Change Logo

Lancelot's sword.

Joyeuse: 20M - 70M XP

  • + Use Leader Chat

Sword of Charlemagne.

Hrunting: 5M - 20M XP

  • + Craft Guild Tagged Items

Beowulf's magical sword.

Skofnung: 2M - 5M XP

  • + Tag Items

A sword with mythical properties associated with the legendary Danish king Hrólf Kraki.

Tyrfing: 900k - 2M XP

  • + Empower Relics

A sword made by dwarves in the Elder Edda.

Hrotti: 300k - 900k XP

  • + Hire/Fire Mercs

Sword, part of the treasure of the dragon Fafnir, which Sigurðr took after he slew the dragon.

Durendal: 100k - 300k XP

  • + Change Member Ranks

The sword of Roland, one of Charlemagne's paladins.

Decalogue: 50k - 100k XP

  • + Recruit

A powerful sword in Rave Master.

Kladenets: GvG Knight

  • + Initiate Conflicts

A fabulous magic sword in some Old Russian fairy tales.

Glamdring: 20k - 50k XP

  • + Recall Tagged Items

J. R. R. Tolkien. High-Elven sword; glows with a blue or white flame when Orcs are near.

Caudimordax: 10k - 20k XP

  • All permissions from previous ranks + Mass message

J. R. R. Tolkien. This sword cannot be sheathed when a dragon comes within five miles of its bearer's presence.

Rusty Sword: 0 - 10k XP

  • Store/Take Items from Guild Store

Broken Sword (Must level up or donate gold ASAP or will be kicked)

  • Can Take Items from Guild Store

All active members have access to the guild advisor so you can see what the other members are doing - we hold each other accountable for supporting the guild!


Stranded in Paradise, Angels Home

Alliance: basically I see this as us being brother/sister guilds. All members or each guild should be willing to buff each other free upon request and our buffing rules above are followed. We also would not initiate any conflicts between each other and if being picked on by another guild then our allies would attack other guild if they have members who can successfully attack aggressor guild. (One conflict does not an aggressor make but conflict day after day does) We share advice and strategies and generally be helpful between each other.

Non-aggression Pact (NAP): The New Jedi Council, Intolerable Wolves, POWER METAL


Currently no Enemies. Hmmm maybe We're too nice? Nah.. couldn't be.

Helpful Links

Fallensword Guide, Buffers List, Where to Train, Stat Calculator Interactive Maps

Newbie Tips

Being reviewed for content update.

Stats and Buffs

  • LEVEL UP POINTS (abilities)- Attack, Defence, Armor, Damage and Hit Points: Build attack and Damage in the Beginning then the Armor or Defence and Hit Points. Pick one and build to 100. If you can't decide, save them up. You will not lose them. Once allocated, you can't get those skill points back unless you do a reset with FSP

  • SKILLS POINTS (Buffs) - Focus on one at a time when using Skill Points. A bunch of buffs with 10 Skill Points on each are useless. Once allocated, you can't get those skill points back unless you reset them for 100 FSP.
  • New Recruit tip:-When you have a map full of monsters, on your keypad hit 1, then "r", then 2, Then "r", then 3, Then "r", all the way up to 8 if you need to. Do this in rapid succession. like: 1,r,2,r,3,r,4,r,5,r,6,r,7,r,8,r.. Then use the "w" key to move up on the map, "x" to go down, "d" to go right, and "a" to go left. any questions?


  • When out training, always walk in a pattern. This will help you cover the entire map. This also helps avoid doing any backtracking and wasting stamina. USE A MAP.
  • Look for areas that have multiple monsters with high xp. Concentrate on them. Use the Training pages, it will help you determine what creatures you need to kill for higher xp gain.
  • Levels below 140, try to get 1 hit kills.

Levels over 140, try to get 2- 3 hit kills if possible.

  • You can attack multiple creatures at once by clicking on all the creature tiles in that spot. Battle will show for the Last creature you click on. This will save time.
  • Remember to ALWAYS repair your items.
  • If you do not want to watch the battle - Set the Combat Display Speed to "Instant", This can be edited in Character - Preferences, under Combat Display Speed. Also you can just click on "Back to World" as soon as you start the battle. this will save you time, since battles are pre-determined.
  • When you are done training, try to stop at a relic to either take the relic or help defend it.
  • Farming: Stay in one area attacking the same elite for the rare items to sell for FSP in the auction house.
  • Generally Elites spawn every 5 mins

(xx:00, xx:05, xx:10).

No Portal close by

  • Quickest and shortest way to get to a new world.
  • Go into Personal Preferences
  • Click on Instant Portal back to Krul Island
  • Click on Misty Mountains, go down right to the Cathedral of the way
  • Then straight up to portal

Upgrades - FSP

  • 1-2 backpack slots (15 fsp)
  • Several auctions slots. (20 fsp)
  • Upgrade stamina gain per hour (25 fsp)
  • Upgrade max Stamina to level faster (2 FSP per +10 stam)

PVP (player vs player)

  • The BEST way to avoid getting a bounty placed on you when playing to increase your PvP rating or if you are doing it for a quest, return all the gold you stole with a little note in explanation.
  • Attack inactive players (more than 24 hours idle) when doing PvP for gold. (possbily avoiding getting a bounty placed on you)
  • Use more 100 stamina to receive more gold durning your attack.

Auction House

  • Change preferences to your level and 5-10 levels under. Search for cheap items. Sometimes there are better items than the sets.
  • For set items, you can put the name of the set in the search bar, all items within that set that are being sold will come up (example - Exquiste Elven)


  • You must use high crafting to get the better craft. Items can get worse if you use smaller crafting.
  • Once an item is crafted - FSP cannot be taken out of it. So choose your items carefully.

Page Created and regularly Updated by Guild Founders WereDevil and Spiridonij