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Blood soaked feathers and caseins litter the ground beneath you as you approach the mountain. Your gut tells you to turn back as you hear the calls of the ravens. but your instincts tell you to persevere onward. you reach the top and enter a cave, the light fades behind you as thousands of eyes gleam in the darkness. For you have entered the Ravens Nest.


The Ravens Nest

Click to Enter The Ravens Nest

Raven's Requiem

  • Recruiting active players to become ravens
  • Inactive people will be booted after two weeks or 15 days of inactivity
  • Rewards for leveling at every 10 levels achieve
    • (e.g. level 10, level 20. and so on)
  • Rewards for participation in a guild conflict
    • Rewarded upon victorious conflict)

Contract of the Ravens

  • To level up and bring honor to our guild
  • To participate in guild conflicts
  • To donate towards the guild bank
  • To actively Participate in guild matters

Ranking System

  • Global Cortex Raven--Basic Raven
  • Blood Raven--+10k of Devoted Experience
  • Wyvern Raven9 +50k of Devoted Experience+5%tax rate
  • ??????-+100k of Devoted Experience
  • new ranks are unlocked as new levels are achieved