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Forgotten Nations

[1] Guild: Forgotten nations is a new but active guild and we require any level active players, from anywhere in the world. We need FSP so anyone who can contribute with FSPs will have priveleges.

Members: ilerdense[2] - Guild Founder c0sm0t3[3] JaumeBG[4] AnjoSereno[5] BorysOfEbe[6] demon117[7] hutzy[8] Mortheuss[9]

We have two structures: Weaponsmith (Level 2) and Tranquil Retreat (Level 2)

Statistics Level: 28 Guild XP: 199,733 GvG Rating: 1,009 GvG Ratio: 1 / 0 (100%) Initiated Conflicts: 0 Guild RP: 1

Only 20 FSP to join!.