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Membership Requirements

Here are the guidelines to join the guild. Exceptions will be reviewed on a case by case basis. The most important thing is that everyone have fun.

Entrance Requirements

  1. Level 1(Anyone Can join)
  2. There will be no Begging for Gold, FSP or Different Gear. The guild has this.

These rules will change as the need arises.

Member Rules

  1. Stay Active when you can.
  2. Donate 3x per week.
  3. When the founder is not around treat the guild as if it is yours.
  4. Do NOT attack guild mates.
  5. Do NOT attack members of allied guilds.
  6. If you are inactive more than five days without notice you will be on warning. If you do get back explain why you were gone.
  7. If you are inactive for a 2 weeks, then you will probably be kicked from the guild. If you get kicked while you are inactive, contact me.

Rank Structure

  • Founder
  • Gremlin - Must achieve 10,000 EXP to this rank.
  • New Recruit - This is your first ever rank.

Allied Guilds

Guild Members

2who: Guild founder.

daredude15: New recruit.

nerdmanone: New Recruit.

WolfFox57: New Recruit.