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Founded: December, 2006
Founder: Latias
Leaders: Latias
Guild Allies: Crusaders of Valour, The Knights of Light
Guild NAPs: Wolf and Eagle, House of Dark Shadows, The Army of Anubis, Keep of the Four Winds
Guild FDPs:
Guild Enemies:


Guild History

The Eon Guild was the 560th guild created on FallenSword, founded by Latias. Its original purpose was to be a safe haven for Latias and friends. The Guild enjoyed a while of prosperity, at one point ranking in the Top 20's. Soon however, with the lack of FSP and loss of interest in the game, Eon fell. Latias and a few remaining active members (Ryu and Melisma) left Eon for The Wolf Pack. After reaching Level 100, Latias quit the game, remaining as a relic guard. After much inactivity, Latias came back to the game to find The Wolf Pack deserted. Rejoining Eon, Latias resolved never to leave it again. All requests to "merge" or join another guild are rejected. From now until the end, Eon will be the paradise Latias resides in.

About Eon

Eon itself is a Pokemon-themed guild. Latias does not participate in PvP, thus Eon is a neutral and non-aggressive guild. If guild members choose to PvP, they should not expect any support from the guild. The perks of the guild are limited to six Guild Structures (Level 2 Endurance Shrine, Level 2 Health Shrine, Level 2 Weaponsmith, Level 5 Tranquil Retreat, Level 2 Battle Totem, Level 2 Armory, Level 6 Training Room), a few Fully Forged Guild-Tagged Legendary/Super-Elite Sets and the occasional castings of skills upon request.
Members are not required to donate anything to the guild although there is currently a 5% guild tax. Eon is a small guild, which is ideally built around trust, friendship and loyalty. Members are expected to be courteous.

Activity Policy

All members are expected to be relatively active in the guild. Activity no longer means just signing onto the game once in a while. Activity will now be measured by how much you hunt (kill monsters) and how much you post in the Guild Chat. Inactive players will be purged to make room for new members who will make better use of their home in Eon.
If a "Temporary Visitor" is inactive for a week without leaving any notice, they will be stripped of their rank. If there are requests to join the Guild, those without a rank will be kicked first.
All other ranks (excluding "Retired Eon" and "On Vacation") are expected to stay active as well. After 10 days of unannounced inactivity, the member will be ranked as a "Bad Egg". They will be second in line for expulsion from the Guild.
I know this may sound harsh, but I believe this is very lenient - it's basically asking you to be active three times a month, which should be manageable.
If you have any problems or special circumstances, please feel free to message me in-game.

Basic Rules

There are a few Guild-tagged sets to share. Please remember to repair after you're done hunting.
When recalling items, be sure the person you are recalling from is offline or not hunting.
In general, be courteous to other members. Don't beg or spam.
Respect our Guild Alliances and Non-Aggression Pacts incase you do decide to partake in PvP.


The Eon Guild is not making any active attempts to recruit players.
Temporary Visitor
Newbies who wish to temporarily join the guild for its few benefits may apply. They may stay in Eon as long for as they need as a Temporary Visitor. They may leave at any time they feel ready to move on to a bigger and better guild. Temporary Visitors should feel NO obligations to donate to the guild. There is, however, a small guild-wide tax that they will not be exempt from. If the player knows for certain that they wish to stay in Eon, they may officially enter the ranks of Eon, reborn as an Egg. Acceptance is based solely on Latias' discretion.
Applicants wishing to join Eon should apply and also send Latias an in-game PM or two.
The following will be the Application form you need to PM to Latias if you wish to join.
How active do you plan on being?
Do you plan on being a Temporary Visitor? Will you be looking to leave the Guild for a better one later on?
Why do you want to join this guild in particular when there are plenty of better ones?
Feel free to include anything else about yourself. It would help the process.

It helps if the applicant is polite, friendly, and 'dosnt tipee lik dis!1'. Demands or constant requests for gold, FSP or items without having done anything for the guild will result in expulsion. Remember, Eon is not desperate for members - there're plenty of other (better) guilds out there that will gladly take anyone who contributes experience.

Guild Hierarchy

Members should not constantly ask to be promoted. Promotions will come when Latias deems the promotion earned. Constant begging to be promoted will result in a warning the first time, demotion the second and expulsion the third.
Guild Founder - Latias
Eevee Warrior - Distinguished member who has stayed loyal to Eon, contributes frequently and is helpful to others. Hunting activity is required.
Eevee Cub - Member who has stayed loyal to, and contributes to Eon. Weekly hunting is required.
Egg - Member who has shown interest in staying and contributing to Eon. Weekly hunting is expected.
Retired Eon - Once active players for the guild. Made some sort of lasting contributions or other circumstances.
Resident - Member who has shown interest in staying with Eon.
On Vacation - Member who is excused from activity.
Temporary Visitor - Newbies who have just joined the guild, or plan on only temporarily joining the guild.
Bad Egg - Resident of Eon ('Resident' Rank or higher) who have been inactive, or is on probation. Second on line to be expelled from the guild.
Unranked - Inactive 'Temporary Visitor'. First on line to be expelled from the guild.

Guild Alliances

Once again, Eon is by nature a non-aggressive, non-PvP Guild. If you have any problems with members of Eon, please feel free to message Latias in-game.
Although Eon is a Neutral Guild, if you wish to forge a formal Alliance, contact Latias. The standard terms for alliance are stated below:
Terms of Alliance
- Absolutely no attacks against members of the allied guild.
- There are no rules attached to the taking of Relics unless otherwise established.
- All members of allied Guilds are to treat other members courteously and with respect.
- Members of allied Guilds are not to try and rip off other members. This includes unfair trades at above-market prices.
- Members are not to beg for items, gold or FSP from allies.
- Bounties on allied Guild members may be taken with approval, using 10 Stamina hits.