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Dragonwarriors United
Founder: Originally Faranth, Currently Beil
Leaders: Beil, dogville
Guild Allies: Srbija,

Guardians of the Lair, Ground Zero, The Dragons, Dragon vs. Tiger, Chaos Lords, theWarrriors300, Ace Demon Slayers, Firewalkers

Guild NAPs: The Swords of Fire, Guardians of the Realm
Guild FDPs: Turins Companions, Celestial Dragons
Guild Enemies: None at the moment

Our Philosophy

"DragonWarriors United translates into the 'leyman terms' of perpetual loyalty,steadfastness, honor & bravery towards fellow Guild members and our Allies. If you attack one member,you are attacking the entire FAMILY. Each and everyone of us,is of sound and honest character who will not be intimidated by any Individual or Guild.

Many will attempt to emulate our Dragon Blood,to achieve the strength it contains,they will be unsuccessful!

There is only One Key in existence which allows the True Warrior Spirit to attain the Dragons Blood. That key lies deep within the walls,in a secret area of the DragonWarriors United Guild."

DirtyChick The Squadron Leader of DWU

How to join

What we need and look for in a member - honesty, loyalty, maturity, a sense of humour and willingness to work for the greater good of the guild. No special fees asked, only that you are active and deposit regularly.

We have some legendary sets and other great items that can help our members, and we organize events, competitions and races where members can gain prizes! Training is included for all new-comers that need it.

Before applying please become familiar with the guild rules and policies by visiting our website. If you believe to have what it takes, send a message in game to our recruiting officer Resh.