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Dragonish Empire
Founded: December 26th
Founder: Goku2468
Leaders: Goku2468 (more will come soon)
Guild Allies: Werewolves of the Silver Moon
Guild NAPs: [None]
Guild FDPs: [None]
Guild Enemies: Maconhero


Weaponsmith Level: 2 Enhancements: Damage +6

Tranquil Retreat Level: 6 Enhancements: Max Stamina +120

Endurance Shrine level: 2 Enhancements: +10 stam gain per hour

Guild Registrar level: 3 Enchantments: gain full excess to the report section


Server Time: 08:00 07/May/2008 wikiupgradesyw1.png

Goal list

  • Getting in the top 250 richest guildes
  • Getting in the top 250 guildes
  • Having 10,000,000 in the bank
  • Reaching guild level 200
  • A total of 50 members in the guild
  • 10 Structures in the guild
  • Getting in the top 100 richest and best guild
  • All members and 20 structures
  • Getting in the top 50 guilds

NOTE: We won't stop till we got it!