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History Guild HistroyThe Guild was founded by ThorsHamer and along the way came Hammerface and Hammerette Who Changed Demon Slayers from this day forward Hammerface help build the guild and got more and more people to Join Finally when ThorsHamer gave the leader ship to Hammerface The guild was then Transformed into one of the top guild there is today

Guild's Rules Our members have to play 4 times in a week and deposit Gold or Fsp 4 times a week.We only have 3 Rules, Rule 1. All guild members will put the guild ahead of themselves at all times. Rule 2. At all times guild members will be polite and considerate of other guild members. Rule 3. Guild members will where possible follow the instructions of a higher ranked guild member and follow all rules as laid out. all levels welcome.

Allies: Eo

We are aiming to be number one. We will accept any1 in our guild, if we dont accept your invitation, please wait, we may to kick some in actives.

Demon sayers
Leader(s): Hammerette
Founder: Hammerface
Allies: Eon
Website: [url=]