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Dark Siege
Founded: May, 2007
Founder: Extrastout
Co-Founders: MsClaire
Leaders: iceman66, Terrandion, starfist, Grindorin, Levinia, OshiKuRoo, Anjuli, Sarphina
Recruiter: kazaf86, Lady Nyah
Allies: Many at varying levels.
See Allies on this page.
Enemies: None
Website: Guild Forums
Fallensword Page: Dark Siege Page
Recuiting: Looking for active Level 150+ players. Speak to any leader.
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Guild Information

Dark Siege is a top 20 guild for seasoned warriors looking for a place to grow and have fun while they push ahead in Fallen Sword.

We are a peaceful guild, but we will retaliate against all multiple attacks on our members. We will not be bullied or forced to do anything that is not just.

All of our members will be free from harassment and are free to offer their opinions at any time. We pride ourselves on honesty and truthfulness.


Coming up through the ranks, a lone soldier named Sarge2155 was tired of being robbed and PvP'd only to have the guild he belonged to tell him to "try and work things out with your attackers."

On May 16, 2007 Dark Siege was forged with the idea that all members should be protected from oppression and greed. Banding with others of similar mind and vision, Dark Siege became a beacon of hope and shelter for all weary warriors.

Dark Siege is the home of the original Full Defensive Pact (FDP), a creative system of mutually supporting defensive alliances between a network of guilds.

Today Dark Siege, at #19 in the guild rankings, is among the most powerful guilds of Fallen Sword.

While we may now stand among the powerful, it will always be our greatest accomplishment that we are numbered among the finest of guilds.

Membership Applications

We are looking for seasoned adult warriors, level 150 and above. Members must be active, loyal and contribute to the guild.

Apply in game

All blank join requests will be rejected regardless of your level.

Please note that we are an English speaking guild and you must be able to speak, read, understand and write in English to join.

The Dark Siege Academy

Dark Siege has a program, the Dark Siege Academy, whereby a select (and very finite) number of up and coming players can be accelerated into guild membership from lower levels. You must be recommended by a guild member to apply for this program.

For further information, read the Dark Siege Academy wiki page. If you have further questions you can contact MsClaire.



We have all structures maxed to provide great bonuses to all our members.

Store Inventory

We have a huge guild store stocked with superb items suitable for all levels.


Founder and Co-Founder

Our hallowed and revered founder and co-founder.

Name Title Comments
Extrastout Founder Joined 08 Jun 2007.
MsClaire Co-Founder Joined 04 Jun 2007.


Name Title Comments
iceman66 High Dark Guild Manager Joined 14 Sep 2007.
Manages Guild Actions, monitors internal matters, advisor to Founder and Co-Founder.
Levinia DSA Head Mistress Joined 03 May 2008.
Department Head for Dark Siege Academy, oversees all activities of the DSA.
OshiKuRoo High Dark Mentor and Recruiter Joined 10 Mar 2008.
Mentors both new and existing members, recruits new members.
kazaf86 Dark Dreaded Death Knight and Recruiter Joined 18 Jul 2007.
Advises on guild bounty hunting and assists in military operations, recruits new members.
Terrandion High Dark Governor Joined 12 Sep 2007.
High level advisor to Founder, advises on all guild matters.
starfist Dark Magistrate Joined 04 May 2007.
The Dark Magistrate is a judicial officer of the guild. He hears complaints and problems and acts on them either through bringing it to the Founder's attention or correcting the problem within his authority.
Lady Nyah Dark Diplomat Joined 02 May 2008.
Senior diplomat and relationship builder.
Sarphina Dark Agent Joined 20 Mar 2008.
Information gathering specialist.
Grindorin Dark Noble Joined 04 Jun 2007.
Specialized title bestowed upon individuals with great wealth, that have shared above and beyond the call.
Anjuli DSA Dean Joined 02 April 2008.
Oversees training and recruitment of academy members.


The following guild is a Dark Siege Ally:

Full Defensive Pact (FDP)

Dark Siege is the home of the original Full Defensive Pact. The FDP was created here.

An FDP is an mutual pact between many guilds, and all guilds in the FDP are members of the pact. A partial list of what the pact includes:

  • No attacking each other’s guild members, unless asked to complete a bounty on a member. (With the exception of relic battles)
  • When it is deemed necessary by guild leaders to de-level a player in the game, information will be shared between the allied guilds and participation is highly encouraged.
  • When any player is kicked for a serious offense, this information will be shared among allied guilds.
  • All allies will provide assistance to any ally who is the target of a guild wars and massive de-leveling should it be requested.
  • Peaceful resolution of any potential conflicts should always be pursued prior to initiation of hostilities.
  • An FDP is a defensive pact and parties are not required to participate in a war of aggression.

Dark Siege is FDP allied with:

No Attack Pact (NAP)

These are the standard terms for our NAPs, which may be modified for each partner somewhat:

  • No attacking each others guild members, unless asked to complete a bounty on said member. After bounty is complete, stolen gold is returned.
  • Sharing info on bounties posted on the board. This includes no GvG (but relic attacking is allowed).
  • Sending info on kicked members and why.

Dark Siege has a NAP in place with the following guilds: