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Work in progress :)



Czech Knights is a guild of players who speak or at least understand Czech or Slovak language. Czechs and Slovaks were always close to each other during history, for more than 80 years we were officially one country. Our goal is to make our countries bigger in HT than they are in real world :)

The guild

We're currently No. 14 and hope to stay there or move up. We do not grow by mergers, although we will gladly accept any player who has Czech or Slovak origins and at least basic understanding of the language :). We believe in teamwork, we contribute a lot, we share a lot of equipment.


As a guild, we do not actively support PvP activities of our members, we don't seek conflicts or wars. We don't have any alliances as we don't need them. When targeted for gold, we fight back viciously :)

We have a Reasonable Aggression Pact with Northern Glory and Serpent figters guilds. (RAP = only bounty attacks allowed and those with politeness :))

Guild structure

tPaK, the current founder, is semi-retired. He helps the guild members but doesn't do politics or play anymore

terciikkk, our beloved Queen, is the person to contact for recruiting

coyotik is the chief of diplomacy

Tequilator is the guild merchant

Data17, Wendak and Merllinn complete the inner circle, the guild leadership, having internal functions (and all the six people from the inner circle can be of course contacted for any official matters).


We sell quality buffs at quality prices.