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Founder: DominicX, LordJakeX, RIP27
Leaders: DominicX, LordJakeX
Guild Allies: Fist of Locust
Guild NAPs:
Guild FDPs:
Guild Enemies:

'During the final siege on Eribor the Shadow Lord unleashed untold horrors upon the land. What handful warriors they faced were obliterated or worse - forced to flee the battle field like cowards. Many generations later, our leader uncovered his ancestry and decided to relinquishing the original guild, he founded a new guild with his brothers in hopes of rectifying their ancestors' mistake.'

Conquest is a steadily increasing guild that was founded on the 15 th day of January, 2008. We share glory, power and companionship with whoever would be interested in us. We believe in team work and having a sense of pride in our guild, but at the same time cultivating our potential. Any attacks on our guild members will not be tolerated - we will fight tooth and claw for vengeance, regardless of the magnitude of the opponent.