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Founded in December of 2006 by Igor. Celtic Warriors is now lead by Gerbilman, hdochow and a really helpful and mature set of staff , we have a tight knit community built on honor, trust, maturity, teamwork, & friendship, We have recently entered the TOP 15 in the guild ranks

In Celtic Warriors, EVERYONE matters no-one is just a number!!


Celtic Warriors guild is a family guild. We are people from all walks of life and all races, sex, and ages. We are loyal to one another and help each other at all times.

Celtic Warriors is in FDP(Full Defensive Pact) with Dark Siege, The Evil Dead, People of Lordly Calibur and Forgotten Guardians of the Past

We are allied with Fearless Fighters, Knights of Renown, Gauntlet and Sacred Warriors

NAP with Guardians of the Realm


Celtic Warriors Guild Page [1]