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^_^Blue Mystic Dragons^_^

Guild BMD picture 3.jpg


We are currently accepting lvl 10+ active players.

Starting guild: started 31/3/2008.

FREE Profile Picture FOR MEMBERS, maded by kingjente.

lvl up 1lvl a week, come on evey 3 days and make a Bank deposite every 2 days.

We are allied with: Blue Death Assassins.

Our BIG BOSS is kingjente.

Join us today.


-lvl up at least 1 lvl a week

-deposite gold every 2 days into the guild bank

-come on every 3 days

-be loyal to our guild

-have respect for our guild members

Most importent members

( to contact when u want in this guild):


Example 13.jpg


Pictuer 12.jpg

Current ranks(5):

recruit: 0xp

dragon server: 5000xp

dragon warrior: 15000xp

dragon knight: 50000xp

Co Founder: Not Available

Guild BMD picture 2.jpg

created by: kingjente