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Black Sun
Leader(s): Drimm, Thiudimir
Founder: Drimm
Allies: *Blank*


Welcome to Black Sun's FSWiki page.

We hope you find the following information of use. If you have specific questions about us that are not answered here, please feel free to contact our leadership.

Who We Are

[as of January 2014]
Top 80 overall guild.
Top 15 GvG guild.

Black Sun is a small guild of proud warriors. As an elite group we strive to grow large in power, not numbers.

Many of our members can be found among the top players lists of their respective join months. Although we are primarily a guild of levelers, our members engage in all manner of gameplay, including PvP, GvG, arena combat, titan hunting, bounty hunting, merchanting, inventing, and more.

We seek players prepared to devote their time and energy toward our mutual success, and especially those willing to invest FSP in themselves (stam gain/tank, pack slots, offline set).

Applicants of any level should PM Drimm or Thiudimir directly. No blind requests will be considered.

We do not recruit GvGers for hire. Do not PM us with a list of conditions and expectation of payment for participating in conflicts.

Black Sun History

The Book of Legends

Tome III: Genesis of the Shadows

...And so, it started; the skies dimmed, the fires grew pale and every shed of light turned gray and cold. In the thriving village of Ikalea the people ran fearful in the murk, desperately searching for the last rays of the now sleeping sun. At last, the prophecy had come true, the day in which the sun would fall in an endless slumber had arrived... The birds took agitated flight, not expecting the night, fleeing for their lives, it wouldn't be long before the night stalkers arrived and preyed on both man and beast...

Meanwhile the elders spoke in secrecy. They knew it was their responsibility to leave the village and seek a way to restore the day, a way to bring the withering sun back to life. The four of them discussed for long, they knew it wouldn't be an easy journey and the four of them were not enough for the great task ahead. They also knew the plants would die, the animals starve and their people would eventually fall into the shadows of the past unless they accomplished their task.

The names of the Great Four have long been forgotten but their titles remain engraved in both our past and our future... The leader, the founder of the guild; The Dawnbringer; was to lead the others into greatness, it was him who was destined to bring the rays of sun to the great plains of Ikalea at least once more before leaving this world. His right hand, The Seneschal of the Light; would bring hope where the darkness had consumed it, where people had already surrendered and embraced death, with hope came bravery and with bravery new recruits willing to join the cause. And together, The Guardian of Dawn and The Warden of Dusk would fend off the fiends spewed by the perpetual gloom, fighting back to back against beasts unknown to any man and facing as one, the demons unspoken of, even in the Holy books...

These legendary men set out to find new companions, people of great strength that would lend their arms to restore the celestial balance. With every loss they mourned and with every new companion they grew stronger. With The Great Four it had started and with The Great Four it would end... The Black Sun Guild was formed in the first hours of the eternal night...

Courtesy of Cabetardo, former Black Sun Member and historian of the Guild.

Black Sun Guild Laws

  • Be active. Players who simply log on from time to time, and expend the guild's resources without giving anything in return are dead weight, and will not be given a free ride. Earn your keep, by leveling up, or participating in guild conflicts. If you are going to be absent for an extended period, send a message to leadership. Anybody inactive for two weeks or more without contacting Guild Leadership may be kicked. New members are expected to gain their first promotion within the first three weeks of joining Black Sun.
  • Contribute. Contributing may be defined as making donations to the guild bank, or by simply helping your guildmates with buffs, advice, gear, etc. Black Sun does impose a guild tax (25%), meaning a portion of the gold you gain from kills goes straight to the guild bank to help maintain our existing structures and help purchase new ones. This is not a cost of being in the guild. This is doing your part to help the guild help you and others.
  • Register for the forum. Provide at least the country that you live in and your age. It would also be helpful to provide at least one alternate way of contacting you, be it IM or email address, in case we cannot contact you in-game.
  • Help those that are ranked lower than you. Provide buffs to online members if you have the ability to do so. Post gear that you've outgrown to see if somebody else can use it instead of just dropping and destroying.
  • There is to be at least one guild store slot open at all times for drops from group attacks. If you feel it necessary to place an item in the last remaining guild store slot you may lose permissions to access the guild store.
  • We do not tolerate nor harbor multi-accounts, scammers, or cheaters in this guild. You will be kicked, and reported.
  • There will be no "chances" or "tries". If you break a rule, you risk being kicked from the guild.


The following ranks and privileges are available to our members. All new members, regardless of prior experience, begin their tenure as a Solar Apprentice, and are expected to reach their first promotion within the first three weeks of joining the guild.

Rank Name Required Guild exp Privileges
Custom Rank 100,000,000 Can store and take items from the guild store. Can recall tagged items. Can view Guild Advisor. Can add tags to items. Can hire and fire mercenaries. Can recruit. Can mass message. Can initiate guild conflicts. Can empower relics.
Assyrian Eclipse 50,000,000+ Can store and take items from the guild store. Can recall tagged items. Can view Guild Advisor. Can add tags to items. Can hire and fire mercenaries. Can recruit. Can mass message.
Shimmering Sentinel 25,000,000+ Can store and take items from the guild store. Can recall tagged items. Can view Guild Advisor. Can add tags to items. Can hire and fire mercenaries. Can recruit. Can mass message.
Master of the Shining Blade 10,000,000+ Can store and take items from the guild store. Can recall tagged items. Can view Guild Advisor. Can add tags to items. Can hire and fire mercenaries.
Hero of the Solar Winds 5,000,000+ Can store and take items from the guild store. Can recall tagged items. Can view Guild Advisor. Can add tags to items. Can hire and fire mercenaries.
Blazing Champion 2,500,000+ Can store and take items from the guild store. Can recall tagged items. Can view Guild Advisor. Can add tags to items. Can hire and fire mercenaries.
Resplendent Knight 1,000,000+ Can store and take items from the guild store. Can recall tagged items. Can view Guild Advisor.
Radiant Warrior 250,000+ Can store and take items from the guild store. Can recall tagged items. Can view Guild Advisor.
Solar Apprentice <250,000 Can store and take items from the guild store.
Voyager N/A A special rank for players on indefinite or pre-arranged hiatus.

Guild Structures

Benefits from the following structures are available to our members.

While many of our structures have been maxed, some have not, as we do not feel these upgrades are necessary. For instance, our Fury Shrine: our guild has many tagged items that allow members levels 50 and up to max out their Fury Caster bonus, and so we have no need of a maxed Fury Shrine. Other structure upgrades we feel would not be cost-effective for a guild of our size.

Structure Lvl/Max Lvl Benefit Total Benefit Upkeep (gold per hour)
Endurance Shrine 3 / 3 Increase Stamina (Gain) by +5 per level +15 stam gain/hr gold_button.gif 18,700
Thieves Guild 2 / 2 Increase Thievery (Enhancement) by +20% per level +40% Thievery gold_button.gif 150
Temple 5 / 5 Increase Holy (Enhancement) by +10% per level +50% Holy gold_button.gif 320
Shrine of Pain 5 / 5 Increase Critical Hit (Enhancement) by +5% per level +25% Critical Hit gold_button.gif 2,025
Tranquil Retreat 9 / 12 Increase (Max) Stamina by +20 per level +180 max stam gold_button.gif 4,000
Destructive Shrine 6 / 6 Increase Breaker (Enhancement) by +10% per level +60% Breaker gold_button.gif 640
Pentagram 6 / 6 Increase Banishment (enhancement) by +5% per level +30% Banishment gold_button.gif 1,120
Protection Shrine 7 / 7 Increase Protection (Enhancement) by +10% per level +70% Protection gold_button.gif 560
Blade Master 6 / 6 Increase Piercing Strike (Enhancement) by +10% per level +60% Piercing Strike gold_button.gif 1,120
Bandit Camp 5 / 5 Increase Master Thief (Enhancement) by +5% per level +25% Master Thief gold_button.gif 560
Awareness Training 5 / 5 Increase Protect Gold (Enhancement) by +5% per level +25% Protect Gold gold_button.gif 560
Training Room 10 / 10 Increase Dodge (Enhancement) by +5% per level +50% Dodge gold_button.gif 1,360
Crippling Shrine 15 / 20 Increase Disarm (Enhancement) by +2% per level +30% Disarm gold_button.gif 121
Blacksmith 5 / 5 Increase Master Blacksmith (Enhancement) by +10% per level +50% Master Blacksmith gold_button.gif 1,172
Sustain Shrine 5 / 5 Increase Sustain (Enhancement) by +5% per level +25% Sustain gold_button.gif 2,343
Tavern 1 / 1 Allows guild to view time until next available mercenary N/A gold_button.gif 200
Crafters Workshop 4 / 5 Increase Master Crafter (Enhancement) by +20% per level +80% Master Crafter gold_button.gif 960
Military Advisor 1 / 1 Allows guild to view combined stats of group N/A gold_button.gif 500
Fury Shrine 3 / 5 Increase levels of skills by +5 per level +15 levels gold_button.gif 2,244
Guild Registrar 3 / 3 Allows guild to view a report on guild tagged items
Also shows if items are equiped(lvl2)
And allows the recall of items option via permission(lvl3)
N/A gold_button.gif 2,205
Inventors Laboratory 7 / 10 Increase Master Inventor (Enhancement) by +5% per level +35% Master Inventor gold_button.gif 1,705
Scout Tower 1 / 2 Allows viewing of guild's current kill counts of active titans N/A gold_button.gif 2,500
Armorer 7 / 10 Increases the maximum percentage (above 100%) of the Reinforced Armor enhancement by +5% for each structure level N/A gold_button.gif 1,600
Mage Tower 5 / 10 Increases the Duration of all skills cast (excludes potions) by +2% per structure level. Note this is applied after Sustain/Extend. +10% Duration gold_button.gif 1,200

Guild Gear

We have a large inventory of approximately 1,000 guild tagged items, most of which are excellent or perfect crafted and fully forged.

We have at least one of the following sets:

Levels 10 to 100:
Lokors, Toxksin, Aughisky, Voodoo, Syndorell, Lusika, Odhars, Amakiri, Fiend, Darklore, Minos,
Nolands, Goldstrike, Maeves, Wolf

Levels 101 to 200:
Full Moon, Bulltoise, Maladore, Svanhilda, Cu Sith, Vexus, Abraxas, Augilts, Marpolo,
Revenants, Lezhal, Averills, Takashi, Night Branch, Fushiyoma

Levels 201 to 300:
Fozdons, Deep Sea, Lakota, Saurodon, Yellow Spine, Lost Power, Vashku, Steep Nojor, Alvars, Arthfaels,
Spectral, Xenix, Dazar, Ill Fitting, Rooster, Ragnok, Sekhs, Horned God, Green Spine, Destroyer,
Ivar, Kruxgor, Demonic, Bahmou, Dwarven War, Sabertooth

Levels 301 to 400:
Trvon, Demon Queen, Craydar, Folgoreden, Lobber, Dagoresh, Hondo, Octo Spine, Highborn, Squalls,
Pharaoh, Semerkhet, Forest, Observers, Xiphos, Blood Eye, Broken Fang, Crushing Fist,
Dark Blade, Ko Lash, Ammit, Argus, Misfortune, Granny Wolf

Levels 401 to 500:
Opticor, Ballista Cord, Doth, Gonji, Ridged War, Sarabaite, Master of Magic, Xinderoth Eye,
Bhaltairs, Compound Eye, Bosun, Deaths Head, Cadeyrns, Fury Bourne,
Livias, Lamia, Spidragon, Brides, Illuyanka, Spirit Tainted, Treeman

Levels 501 to 600:
Ralthien Guard, Captains, Nagual, Iron Spine, Gilded, Volim, War Wolf, Di Xias, Lishka,
Yojimbos, Nuryns, Bronze Aspect, Balaurs, Dwarven Panoply, Lamassu, Zang Death, Death Mask,
Dusk Chomper, Jabberwocky, Twisted Cherub, Brices, Looted Adventurer, Machtelds

Levels 601 to 700:
Carcharodon, Pinoldar, Soul, Sarlonde, Marshman, Ormarrs, Phellans, Polar Spine,
Farn Org, Horror Horse, Violet Studded, Zatting, Heitwars, Felicity's, Jumbos, Kifos,
Lord Eltwiers, Tagoz, Lagarto, Agiads, King Zelrokhs, Owl Eye, Princely

Levels 701 to 800:
Colvis, Volkers, Meidos, Echibors, Carnosaur, Ai Chay Ke, Dawn Chomper, Heartwood, Icy Santork,
Sehikra, Ogre Hide, Von Drakken, Gozkon, Count Gorbalz, Lord Huistrel, Red Annis, Vengeful,
Orrotaui Drake, Echigal, Fire Fur

Levels 801 to 900:
Dimcriee Roc, Greater Quango 1 and 2, Decaying, Jade Dragon, Xind Imperial Demon, Ice Maiden,
Ratlord, Grotesque, Ni Hong, Acherons, Barbnisis, Dark Master, Harvesters, Lifeblood, Wicked Raven,
Zlat Ooly, Von Schwarzhurg, Lunar Chomper, Tribal, Azmar the Great, Helhearts,
Azure Feathered, Fat Mans, Vorik Enchanted, Zekheld

Levels 901 to 1000:
Skargor, Shock Orc, Clotildes, Imptiles, Captain Blackrots, Vakalem, Sludge Spine, Pure Aquatic,
Radiant, Sanguideres, Volmar Ram, Ja Khans, Spell Scared, Byre Beast, Dreadlords Spiteful,
Fiery Santork, Fire Wreathed, Giant Killing Jacks, High Liches, Shades, Solar Chomper

Levels 1001 to 1100:
Bandits, Unahs, Niseag, Boulder Fist, Shroud Heavy, Styrans, Wulver, Teuchter Yeti Hunter,
Yeti King, Beardfaces, Steinnheim, Einherjar, Trun Smith, Gozoid Greengutz, Orndildon, Angel,
Celestial Chomper, Chul Bodyguard, Naamahs, Skull Carvers (armor)

Levels 1101 to 1200:
Darnol, Warmasters, Felicity's, Puntalis, Wyvern, Pyro, Orc Headhunter, Gymnothorax, Glaring Reptilian,
Wretched, Gnok, Umbar, Bat, Maeus, Magma, Sadaions Nether, Kraz, Maw, Lorsin, Bone, Molzar Troll

Levels 1201 and up:
Dairy Cow, Undead Elder, Drake, Jaguas, Shadow Gatto, Razox Horn, Dokarn, Tarqual, Tallon, Voresshh,
Ssylor, Xerdes, Liano, Ectolymphs, Kai, Kellos, Hermit, Dansaur, Ooch Mess, Tagoz Titanic, Ydmar
Barcas, Kummars

We also have a variety of other items, including Epics, that complement these sets to comprise one-hit setups for virtually every level, provided members invest in buffs and potions.
However, we expect members to share these items and switch to offline sets when possible. If needed, we can provide offline gear to our members.

Guild Conflicts

We do, on occasion, engage in guild conflicts.

For those of you who desire to exchange RP, you should know that we don't lay down for anyone. If you want RP, you'll have to earn it, by taking it from us. Even if you successfully complete 50 of 50 attacks, we may still try to force a draw.

Also, when it comes to crystalline gear, we hold no quarter, nor do we ask any. Don't initiate a conflict if you don't want your shiny gear dented.

Update information

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