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Guild History

In the dusty times of history a unity was formed of players in a place some considered a utopia others an addictive hell which bears not mentioning. For some, perhaps, it could even be considered both, especially as that game entered its twilight times and the bitter die hard players grew fewer and fewer. It was a realm filled with war, dragons and magic. Conflict begot war and war begot conflict. In blood and pain, victory and defeat alike can forge bonds stronger than one might imagine. We were a family, ready to bleed and die for one another in a battlefield composed of 1's and 0's.

So was formed Anno, in a blaze of blood, magic and glory, before the days of Fallen Sword. A core of approximately 15 individuals, with a lead team of 3 at any given time, with 3 more who could step in when the triumvirate grew weary, who longed for something new, something better. Somewhere we knew there must exist a place to migrate to that we could make a new home for ourselves. So, as the world that had brought us together crumbled due in large part to waning interest of the creators of that world and the prevalence of cheating that was allowed to run rampant, we searched. We were eager to find somewhere new, a bold horizon to explore which would allow us to be together still, enjoying the same unity of brother and sisterhood that years of gaming together had led to. One day, in late April of 2007 such a place was found.

Saela, who first founded the war engine that was the Anno of a different era once more forged the way. The potted plant of mystery went about discovering, researching and finally seeing that most, if not all of the things that the were sought by our player-base were to be found in this new world. Hopeful, Saela began to draw the leadership team into this new world.

Rhys, whose Fallen Sword identity is long forgotten, joined him, and for a time briefly played, but did not see himself gaming for much longer in any fashion so bowed out. The last of the triumvirate took longer. Indeed, for nearly a week, Zukira resisted but in the end agreed to examine the new world Saela had found as a potential home for Anno. She was instantly hooked.

With one member of the triumvirate not taking to the game, but another of the core leadership (lumi5) stepping into place, a consensus was made. This, at last, was a game that the majority of the group could enjoy, while remaining a team. Finally, a discussion passed between Saela and Zukira. It boiled down to something along the lines of this:

Saela: So, now that you've played for a couple of days what do you think?

Zukira: It has a certain potential.

Saela: Do you see it as long term for the majority

Zukira: In all likelihood

A discussion of guild pros and cons ensued. Consideration of the values that were and are highest importance for Anno vs the general tenor of the game's other guilds at the time was a major portion of the discussion. And finally, the question was asked.

Saela: So, do we create a guild, or find one to join and hope that is or will become like that we value?

Zukira: We found. We are Anno. We shall be Anno here as well. It is the only way to retain our identity without compromise.

Saela: That is what I thought you'd say.

Zukira: Besides, how else do we ensure things are done our way.

Saela: The Anno way

Zukira: Precisely

The guild was founded. The exodus into the new world of Fallen Sword began.

Current status in game

Top 60 guild recruiting active, intelligent, mature people regardless of level.

Must either know how to play well or be ready to learn.

Joining is free, must be an adult.

Apply on our forum FIRST, failure to come to irc for an interview means automatic rejection.

We have:

  • 8 of 22 structures are maxed for a total of 12 maximized upgrades. Upgrades occur as necessary. We don't max things out just to be maxed.
  • Low upkeep! You can upgrade your character more!
  • Optimized Sets from level 4 to 1400+.
  • Friendly, helpful guild members.
  • Guides and advice.
  • Free buffs for guild members in IRC.

Founded in May, 2007.

Hints for Applicants

Applicants should:

  • Visit our IRC channel there is a link on our website - applications in game are always rejected.
  • Speak English - Being able to understand you is paramount.
  • Be mature, intelligent, active and adult.
  • Be willing - to learn and take advice. We want you to be able to play well, and play smart.
  • Agreeable to using IRC - we require it of guild members - we can and will help you with it, just ask.
  • Have a sense of humor - we are themed around LolCats after all.
  • Agree to and follow the guild rules - found on our website.
  • No whining or begging.

Applicants may be of any level so long as they fit the above requirements. There is no fee to join.

Not sure if you want to join? Visit us in irc:// with any questions or just to get to know us before you decide to apply.


Currently not Allied with any guilds, but friendly with many.

Anno resources

Anno's Fallen Sword Guild Page

Main Anno website.