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From nothing to something and moving from there...
We are Anathema!

Level 342 View Guild
Max Members 35
Min Join Level 10 Send Join Request
Battle Totem 9 867 0.png
Health Shrine 5 438 0.png
Armory 10 1,304 0.png
Endurance Shrine 2 1,560 0.png
Weaponsmith 11 1,639 0.png
Temple 5 320 0.png
Shrine of Pain 4 675 0.png
Tranquil Retreat 9 4,000 0.png
Pentagram 4 280 0.png
Blade Master 4 280 0.png
Training Room 8 500 0.png
Blacksmith 5 1,172 0.png
Crafters Workshop 4 960 0.png
Military Advisor 1 500 0.png
Fury Shrine 4 3,900 0.png
Guild Registrar 3 2,205 0.png
Preemptive Temple 10 1,181 0.png
Hourly Upkeep: 22,105 0.png
Guild Founder Leadership Position. Does Not Change. 25% Tax
Guild CoFounder Leadership Position. Does Not Change. Variable Tax
Guild Warlord Leadership Position. Can Be Changed. Variable Tax
Polka Dotted Smurf in a Kilt Temporary Rank Variable Tax
Custom Ranks Awarded for Outstanding Actions Variable Tax
Evil 100,000,000+ XP 25% Tax
Plague 50,000,000+ XP 25% Tax
Malediction 25,000,000+ XP 25% Tax
Contamination 10,000,000+ XP 25% Tax
Abomination 5,000,000+ XP 25% Tax
Blasphemy 1,000,000+ XP 25% Tax
Curse 500,000+ XP 15% Tax
Horror 250,000+ XP 15% Tax
Torment 50,000+ XP 15% Tax
Reject 25,000+ XP 15% Tax
Gripe [newb] 10% Tax
On Vacation Members with a valid excuse for being inactive. 15% Tax
Level or Leave Inactive or just logging on and not using stamina to pretend to be active? Your time with us may be coming to an end... 25% Tax
All ranks are taxed so all members can contribute toward the guild's daily operating costs without using one of their daily bank deposits.
Guild Items
Use of guild items is first come, first serve. We will not go out of our way to make sure you get to use them. Also, we believe members should learn how to play and survive in the game without having everything given to them. A true warrior is forged and tempered through experience, not by leeching off the work of others.

[View Guild Items]
Works for guild members only.