Golden Ascent

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804 Falzwort Labyrinth (Ascent) (5, 9) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Invent Orgicent Potion
  3. Return to Start


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You stumble upon an aged man garbed in what appears to be a grey cloak. It blends in perfectly with the environment, making him nearly impossible to spot. 'Hey you. Have you seen the any Skelre Owls around here? Their feathers are known to contain a powerful magical healing property. Mixed with a certain amount of organiosita acquired from the local vegetation, one can create a powerful healing potion. The organiosita acts as a healing catalyst, which greatly improves the healing rate. As a reward, if you manage to create this for me, I shall offer you many riches.'

'Excellent. Return to this precise spot after you've managed to create it. Remember, find the organiosita first. You should find the plant somewhere around here. Then acquire the feathers from the Skelre Owl. Good luck... friend!' You gain 'Orgicent Potion Recipe'.

You arrive back at the spot where you first met the hunter, but he appears to have vanished. Several minutes pass while you sit and wait for the hunter. Suddenly you feel the coldness of a blade pressed upon your throat. 'Ah, you returned. Have you the potion?'

You hand the potion to the hunter who continues to press the blade upon your throat. However, the moment as he takes it you drop the potion to the floor. Gasping, the hunter reacts and reaches his gloved hand to catch the potion bottle. You exploit this momentary distraction by elbowing the hunter in the ribs and pulling the blade from your throat. Spinning round, you direct a further blow to the hunters chest and face before drawing your weapon from its sheath and deliver the fatal strike in one sweeping motion. Unfortunately the potion has been destroyed. However, you search the hunter for any valuables. You manage to recover a strong looking helmet! You gain 3,292,623 XP and 'Helmet of Huoral'.