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Global creatures are only available for hunting during Global Quest. During a Global Quest, the available creatures and occasionally the Special Realms that accompany them are posted on the home page. Be advised, not every Global creature is available during every Event.

The drops from Global creatures are typically a Fragment Stash. Some Drop items needed in Recipes. The real rewards are Chest, containing very powerful Potions. Which are collected at the end of the Event. Based on Community participation. Depending on the overall kills the Community achieves, decides on the tier reached. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crystal, and Ruby. The higher the tier reached the better the potions, and the more Chest the Players receive.

The Top 100 players receive extra Chest. On occasion the Top 3 Player have been allowed to create a new Legendary creature or even a Super Elite creature for the game.



Here are some of the Global Quest in Fallen Sword. Most of these take place once or twice a year. There is often a Global Quest once a month or two. Seasonal Global Events happen once a year. They take place at the same time every year. These Seasonal Global Quest sometimes join or take place during Legendary Events.

Normal Global Quest list

Zombie Yeomen

Darksun Dragons

Gargantuan Mosquitos

Rise of the Wraiths

Pinata Frenzy

Seasonal Global Quest list

Zorgrom vs Shroud

Oidhche Shamhna

Shadow Bunny Showdown

Thieves in the Night

Seasonal Global Quest

Zorgrom vs Shroud is special because it is accompanied by Legendary creatures and is often released with New Recipes.

Shadow Bunny Showdown Seasonal offers the Easter Basket chest as a community reward for this Global. With a choice of high level potions. It takes place during the Springtime Forest realm opening and Seasonal Quest event. Same time every year. Accompanied by some Seasonal Titans.

Oidhche Shamhna is a Seasonal Global event. It takes place every year during Halloween. The Community reward is a Chest with high level potions. It is accompanied by the Oidhche Shamhna realm and Seasonal Quest. Plus three waves of once a year Legendary creatures. It is considered the start of the Seasonal Titans. Which last through the holidays.

Thieves in the Night global : I added this to the special list, because its rewards are ingredients for recipes. This global event came from an idea posted on the forum by a player

Other Seasonal Events

There are other Seasonal events. Only these other events are not Globals. They do Not rely on the Community to reach a goal to receive a reward.