Glazed Iguana Steaks

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315 Inual (North) (9,2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Return to Start
  3. Kill 20 Giant Iguana
  4. Obtain 1 Iguana Steak
  5. Return to Start


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You travel deeper into the Inual swamp. The green water sucks at your boots. Sweat runs off your brow and just when you think you will never see dry land again you spy a low hill covered in moss laden trees. When you get nearer the hill you are halted by the whine of a harmonica. The lizard skin covered hunter stops as you approach, a slow smile slips over his face. "Hello my friend, you know I'm mighty hungry, go get me some Honey from Dinalo Market east of here."

That's fantastic, the swamp is far too hot for me to wander round today.

You return to the Hunters hill, do you have the honey friend?

The hunter takes the honey and begins to unpack his fry pan. "That's great, now I'll I need is 15 Iguana Steaks, the Iguana's are all around these parts." You gain 100 gold and 14750 experience.

Wearily you return to the hunter, the fry pan is sizzling hot. The hunter looks up and says anxiously "Do you have the steak?"

The fry pan spits hot fat at the steaks are dropped into the pan. He mixes in the Honey which gives it a rich luxurious shine. Thank you friend, and with that slow sly smile he hands you a green bundle. "Here take this, one favor deserves another." You gain 1 x Iguana Hide Armor and 415,423 xp.